YoBeat Cook Off: The Gremlinz Challenge

Gremlinz challenge



This YoClassic cook off pits Jerm vs Jeremy Estorga’s cooking skills against each other. Who will be able to create a delicious meal fit for the Gremlinz? Will Jeremy’s Four loko gimmick win? Or will Jerm’s skills and insider knowledge prevail. Only one way to find out and that’s to click the image above to watch the video! YUM!

*Some dickbags hacked our vimeo page so we can’t embed old videos. Thanks Internet, we used to love you.


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  1. mn
    mn says:

    This why you guys need more pussy over. U and I both know none of your feet are small enough to get even remotely close enough to the stove.

  2. boneyballsack
    boneyballsack says:

    they are so faded jerm could have cooked a peice of shit and they still would have picked it for the name

  3. um...
    um... says:

    did he just say “no nigga’ cooking, ‘cuz we ain’t ’bout that…unless they got tittys?”

    what the fuck is that supposed to mean?

  4. matt
    matt says:

    god damn jerm could literally be the poster boy for hitler youth. THAT FOOL IS ARYAN AS FUCK

  5. brighton laps
    brighton laps says:

    the only thing more burnt then the gremlins was those burgers made by the guy with the ass chin

  6. Official Cobra Dogs
    Official Cobra Dogs says:

    No we are not coming out with mole snake..yet…but we will have some chocolate chip, onion and mustard snakes. We have a law suit pending to get our Park City shack back some worker put his baby “specimens” in the mayonaise all year. Donations go to cobra dogs shack in HOOD to donate.

  7. irieisle
    irieisle says:

    I didn’t think they ate…… I thought they survived off of spliffs, natty ice and the trustafarian powers of jah!

  8. Vt Native
    Vt Native says:

    @ some fag. Right because i don’t live in Burlington and Tahoe. So you can suck it harder then these tool bags.

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