Boardin’ Boreal: Sammy Spiteri


Spending a whole season with someone can by trying, even near impossible. Luckily the bro-love bond is strong between Paul and Sammy, and out of it we get this video of Sammy’s season of boarding at Boreal.

Edit: Paul Heran

  • Don Perignon

    so clean and steezy

  • Corey

    hell yeah sammy so sick

  • Parker

    killing it

  • basshole



    nice tricks, you guys are homos with your lingo.

  • benjamin

    one of my favorite park edits ever!

  • that park looks super fun

  • kuchie4krack

    paul heran let em know!

  • that was very pleasing to my eyeballs and earballs

  • some_fag

    Braided NuT sAck hAiR

  • wade p thomas

    helmets: gay

  • wade p thomas

    flannel: sick

  • wade p thomas

    wade approved

  • Andrew A

    Sammy, you my fucking boy

  • Fuckdd

    Since when is he in Holy Smokes??

  • Kbeck

    Oh how much can i say that “I LOVE THIS KID!” You guys have no clue how good this youngblood is.. Great edit DP…..

  • bitch daddy

    Douche though

  • Jason

    Hell yeah sammy!

  • wumbo

    too bad it isn’t sammy swalloweri

  • barry

    iz still open!

  • Tim Bradley


  • mdot

    filming was on point. riding was creative. this was dope.

  • free burberry

    who plays this fun song?

  • Yeahhhhh Sammmmayayayyaya

  • sweatyboozehound

    Take not kids- switch ups and combos galore are not necessary to be on the come up. so refreshing to see Sammy kill it so casually. Loveyoumuhdood.

  • ezra