Win: A New Set of Raiden Bindings


Contests are fun, right? Ok, you’re probably thinking, “That depends on what I have to do and what the prize is.” Well here at Yobeat we know that you want to do the least amount possible to win the biggest prizes and the fine folks at Raiden Bindings have offered to give away a brand new pair of 2013 bindings for two minutes of your time.

So what do you have to do to win? Take a gander at the questionable photo of Raiden team rider Austin Smith below and the funniest, most imaginative caption wins a pair of 2013 Raiden Pushers or Zeros (winners choice). To be eligible to win you must also “like” Raiden on Facebook at

The Winner will be selected Friday by those same fine folks at Raiden.

Raiden is a binding brand owned by Nitro and there is a large misconception that only Nitro riders are on the team. However, webisode celebrities like Brandon Hobush, Blake Paul, and Brandon Hammid have been added to revamp the roster and give the brand it’s own identity. With features like air dampening, cable connector straps, and speed wheel buckles, Raiden is focusing on innovation and comfort while keeping things affordable.

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  1. jt
    jt says:

    Well it summer time again and Bend,Or local Austin Smith shows us how they pitch a tent in the Northwest…

  2. nubro
    nubro says:

    so, it turns out that if you fill one of the generic brand, adult diapers with poo, it just looks like you have a boner. it definitly pays to go brand name with those things.

  3. Austin Blakeslee
    Austin Blakeslee says:

    I don’t always pop huge boners, but when I do I like to stare into the camera creepily and make a free binding contest about it.

  4. kedo
    kedo says:

    I think all that water Austin’s been drinking is having a water balloon effect on his johnson.

  5. KC KYLE
    KC KYLE says:

    it has many uses-ass to mouth, make shift donkey dick, sticking it to “the man”, last but not least kc kyle’s jack off session for the day.

  6. timberline
    timberline says:

    nylon shorts are the next trend on hood, after floppy hats die
    austin’s pretty excited about the fashion change in snowboarding

  7. uncle sam
    uncle sam says:

    “I didn’t always drink water, at one time i was addicted to energy drinks.. It was a vicious habit, I would consume 40 oz. cans upon 40 oz. cans daily. It wasn’t until later in life i knew what i was doing to myself. Now look at me, I’ve destroyed my own body. This was the biggest reason i helped start DRINK WATER and continue to run it to this day. Energy drinks shrink your penis size. For me, it was too late.” – Austin Smith

  8. Todd Hrim
    Todd Hrim says:

    So they say im untouchable?..only on snow? or the living room? or is mc hammer my brother…yeah, cant touch this!

  9. Pokémon Master
    Pokémon Master says:

    I don’t always tuck my shirt in, but when I do, my tammy walnuts go hard. Stay steezy my friends.

  10. bummer
    bummer says:

    don’t frame ski magazines on your walls, or you’ll be a full grown man getting an nrb like you’re 10 again

  11. Woodrow Woodstock
    Woodrow Woodstock says:

    WARNING: If you suffer from an erection for more than 4 hours while using Raiden bindings, please consult professional medical attention immediately &/or your authorized Raiden dealer for replacement asymetrical “Flex-Beam” or “Hammer” “highbacks”. While we can not absolutely guarantee that all users will not “suffer” from any side effects, if you do find yourself experiencing this wonderful “ailment”, please do use Dual Air “Dampening” on your nearest shred stick & try not to T-bolt the heck out of it with your newly acquired, naturally wider stance! Again, if symptoms persist for more than 4 hours, please, just sit back, relax, let your lady tighten the ratchets on the Premium “Control Cut” ankle straps, & ENJOY the ride, ahight?!
    : D

  12. Logan
    Logan says:

    Slap some Raiden Bindings on that Rager and you got Austins Smiths new pro model Board!!!!!

  13. Kareem Al-asmar
    Kareem Al-asmar says:

    His clothes are meant to reflect a mullet haircut. “Business at the top and party at the bottom”

  14. Nathan C
    Nathan C says:

    There were these two fellars standin’ on a bridge, a-goin’ to the bathroom. One fellar said, “The water’s cold” and the other fellar said, “The water’s deep”. I believe one fella come from Arkansas. Get it?

  15. Constantin Ruge
    Constantin Ruge says:

    The Special Olympics Committee disapproves such ‘playboy’ behaviour, thus boning… sorry… banning Austin from next year’s competition.

  16. Joelseph
    Joelseph says:

    Check out team rider Austin Smith sporting Raiden’s new park specific shorts. Get yours today for that extra bulge of confidence.

  17. eric
    eric says:

    He probably just watched his part from Were people too….I always get a hard on when I watch that part…

  18. poochmagooch
    poochmagooch says:

    “Co-owner of Drink Water, Austin Smith, charged with illegally distributing viagra to 3rd world countries”

  19. mt
    mt says:

    “well hello there, you seem to have startled me…but while were on the topic of vaginal penetration…”

  20. Keizon
    Keizon says:

    Sneak Peak of the 2013 Banana Dog technology.
    “Boned just enough to handle all terrains.” – unknown

  21. Nick reed
    Nick reed says:

    The 2013 raiden bindings have got team raiden snowboarder Austin smith as excited as a bus full of school girls on a skiing trip!

  22. weinerlickatitgrippa
    weinerlickatitgrippa says:

    “just finished watching the playboy bunny snowboard video…zeaches never looked sooooo gooodd”

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