Hump Day gets High with Madison Blackley


Gatorade helps athletes pump back up, booze helps tell pain to fuck off. Photo: Kyle Beckmann

Madison Blackley likes to push it. Once, she pushed it right off a nosepress and into a thin sheet of snow covered concrete. As a result her arm broke. The bone broke in five places, compacting into her arm like a nice little flash bag for bone fragments. Not liking her new, shorter arm, Madison got surgery. This required the doctors to fix her, five days later. After stripping her arm of muscle, rebuilding it with metal, sewing her up and giving her a thumbs up she went riding for months in a full length arm cast. That pretty much sums up Madison for me. A little reckless, a bit daring, well put together, but a girl who breaks her arm in the end.

Why do people know who you are? What have you done to earn the respect of anyone?

Well, I guess being from Utah and living in SLC for a while has helped. There are tons of people out here gathering for the winters and I have always been here. I started filming with Peep Show from the beginning so I guess that might help a little as well.

What was your experience with Peep Show like?

Good? I don’t know, I never actually went on any of their trips or hung with everybody as a crew. Mostly I just hung with certain individuals on a more one on one basis. I have always done all my filming solo since I’m always too poor to leave this state.

With hot moves like these it’s no wonder half a dozen dudes film her backside. Photo: Kyle Beckmann

Have you ever thought about getting sponsors that pay better? Or that pay in more than hot dogs?

First of all, I love a tasty wiener, and as you know, there ain’t a whole lotta’ money floating around for every chick who wants it. Maybe for some girls but I’m doing what I can with what I got and it seems to be working pretty good.
Have you considered tasting more wieners in hopes of making more money?

I live vicariously through Kumara (Kelley). She tastes the wieners and I get the feed back. Cory supplies me with good variety so far.

You hit the Yobeat radar hard when in one week we saw you eat shit, moan like an ape, and release a rap video MFM style. Why the rap video, and do you always scream like that when you fall?

Oh wow. That video doesn’t do justice to how painful that really was. Both of my shins scraped up to my knees so hard. I could barely walk for a couple days. That’s what happens when you don’t file your edges kids.

What is girl snowboarder all about?

Getting product! Just kidding. Listen to my rap and then read the post about Danyale’s thoughts on the Too Hard teaser she made. You have to try to find a happy medium but in the end it’s still one big joke. I’m not saying girls can’t make it or be good, but it’s still a male dominated sport and you have to accept that

Are you a feminist? What are your thoughts on owning a vagina?

I’m not fighting for equality. Because honestly, guys do more work and aren’t pussies in the end. I have one (a vagina), I might sometimes act like one, but I would say for the most part I try and hold my own and not be full of shit, since it is only an inch and a half away from my asshole.

So how’d you become a Dew Tour kid? It doesn’t seem to fit your overall outlook.

I have always been good at contests, and once you’re in you’re in. Plus, that’s when you get that skrilla. It’s made me better at jumping but it’s not the jumping that got me in. It sure beats the hell out of illegal income.

When not doing the Dew, Madison enjoys handplants. Photo: Kevin Westenbarger

Those Dew Tour jumps are huge, what’s it like to hit them as a girl?

They are pretty sweet. They are perfectly maintained and having so many good people to follow in and watch helps a ton. It’s good to know there is nobody fucking up the take off and landing. It really does help you progress also, kind of being forced to hit them rather then by choice.

Which bothers you more, watching Jamie Anderson kick everyone’s ass, or watching the boys literally do double and triple what the ladies are doing?

Probably the boys doing more. Jamie (Anderson) and Spencer (O’brien) have runs on those courses that most guys could never land in a contest. But, girls also have the mentality about what will get them farther in life with less risks rather then huck it or fuck it and go for broke.

How do you feel about the new trend of girls going for it and getting broken off? Take Peep Show or Danyale’s new movie as an example.

I think it’s awesome. Dudes are not only watching it for the good shit, but also the bails. It shows that there is hope out there. It’s the effort that counts, Jess Kimura put it in and it worked out for her she has her own web series now, and if you do try and fail, then you can still make it on Tosh.0. I love you Darrah.

Tell me about your blog, it seems like 1/3 snowboarding 1/3 crazy bitches and 1/3 inside jokes.

It all started at the Breck Dew stop when Ginter told me she got an invitation to be a part of the One Life Crew. They have a different outlook and it’s not really the group of friends that she snowboards with. So, we decided to make our own crew with the people that we do shred with.

Do you secretly wish you were in the One Life Crew?

I don’t think I would get an invitation. They are definitely looking to be role models and I don’t fit all the criteria. I would not want to be in it but I do think what they have is working for them.

Looks like a role model to us. Or at least a snowboard model. Photo: Kevin Westenbarger.

Do you “invite” people to be in the High Life Crew? Who’s in?

It’s not a defined crew it’s a mutual friends group. But there is a slight criteria, I’m sure you can figure that part out.  We got myself, Mary Rand, Alice Gorton, Darrah Reid-Mclean, Alexa McCarty, Ashley Wendorf, Kumara Kelley, Megan Ginter, Taylor Elliott (and sisters) Danyale Patterson and Collen Quigley has recently taken interest. And Mia Lambson is our filmer/mom.

Are boys allowed? Who the biggest badass and who’s the slut?

I was actually just talking about that with my roommate Blake Pane. Boys are allowed, we haven’t had any yet but they cook the dinners and take care of the kids, metaphorically speaking. Badass is Ashley, with runner up Alice. Slut is Kumara, ‘cuz she wont get offended…. I don’t think, and Alice runner up again, she’s going for MVP.

Enough about other people, let’s get inside your head. Have you ever played Fuck, Marry, Kill? Here’s how it works, I name three people, you fuck one, marry one and kill the last. Here we go; Shaun White, Sean Black, JP Walker.

Shaun White, kill. Ginter has a good story of him being a complete douche. My life would not be affected if he were just gone. Fuck: Sean Black, he’s funny and could be an interesting one-night stand. Sean, hit me up on Facebook. Marry: JP Walker, he’s already married right? He’s from Utah. I’m from Utah. I don’t know if he would approve of my blog though. But, you can have multiple wives here you know…

Round two: Nick Dirks, Nate Bozung, Brendan Gerard.

Kill: Nate Bozung, he will be dead soon enough, if he isn’t already. Marry: Nick Dirks, I don’t know him so fuck it. Fuck: Brendan. Sorry Brendan, it would take a lot of booze for that to happen. I’m sorry Danyale. I blacked out.

What’s the best you’ve ever done at Dew Tour?

In Killington I placed 5th last year.

What’s the worst?


Madison Blackley is loved and supported by: Bataleon, Nikita, Flux, Celtek, Vans, PCMR, Cobra Dogs and Blindside co.

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