Camp of Champions Session B Edit


You may be confused that this is a camp edit because of the lack of film burns and super 8 effects, and the song that sounds like it’s from the 90s, but this is just how they do in Canada.

Riding by Jordan Phillips, Seb Toots, Dillon Ojo, Jody Wachniak, Will Lavigne, Alex Cantin, Alex Beebe, Jon Versteeg, Matt Belzile, Nic Heranga, Jeff Keenan, Jake Fine, Mark Goodall, Ben Poechman, Kevin Griffin, Mark Sollors, Torstein Horgmo, Antoine Truchon, Erin Comstock, Leanne Pelosi, Rusty Ockenden, Stale Sandbech, Mark Mcmorris and Simen Neraker.

  • karnkarn

    Gotta watch out for Dillon Ojo.

  • Cause i said so


  • IceCoast

    Jump shot enders on a summer edit? Canada sure is different eh?

  • uncle sam

    i still don’t care about socialist camp canada

  • name (required)

    now I’ve seen a lot of women in this sport before… lets take the time to appreciate the winner of the board not being ugly

  • barry weiss

    I feel like camp of champions seriously underestimates how many kids base their summer camp decision off of these videos. footyfiend edits are better than the camp edits

  • Mu$kaKILLS

    These fools get paid to make this shit, while Footy fiend does it for the love of the game. Respects

  • UH OH!!!

    we need more SIKTOR VIMCO!

  • sean

    @icecoast the ender of the last windells edit was a jump shot…eh

  • Keenan Filmer

    I love footyfiend. I’d do anything to be in a FF edit…. Anything 😉

  • Fuck coc

    Coc is wack, they don’t even have a downflatdown. Public park > COC

  • prego

    more Mark and Ben footage might have saved this edit

  • Patrick

    My two cents on Camp of Champions:

    I had a great time at COC and will be back (although not the next year as I’m going to check out Windells) and it is true that the COC park is as good as top winter parks. Having said that, the COC’s marketing in my opinion isn’t quite honest, so I thought the prospective campers may be interested to hear which claims are not exactly true.

    I consciously limited this to the hard facts only as I wanted to keep it as objective as possible.

    (All the quotes come from

    “the best park in the world”

    Come on… how about Les Deux Alpes summer camp in France, ever been there, why is COC better? Or how about Dachstein in Austria?

    “[pro riders’ names listed] were calling the COC Park one of the best parks they’d ever ridden”

    COC is the first place where I have ever seen (and I’ve seen quite a few top parks in Europe) to have a priority lift line for pro riders. I wonder if their comments were equally positive if they had to wait in a lift line 15 minutes each time like everybody else. You know the answer.

    “8:30am – 12.00pm On mountain riding/skiing/coaching”

    I do not remember grooming to ever be finished before 9:15 and the bottom of the park was often not done until 10:00.


    In fact the park is way smaller than shown in this picture, there are no features in the area below the rocks.


    It was not built this year, yet the information has never been pulled from the website. I know that the Belarus national team was pretty upset about that and they ended up riding the halfpipe in the Momentum park.

    “Private Handletow Lifts”

    Like the superpipe, promised, but not there.

    “We spend an average of 3 hours a day riding more compared to other camps. COC campers get on the lift at 7:15AM and are riding by 8:00AM.”

    This is simply not true. Also, as far as the time spent on snow, it is not only when you start and finish, but also how much time you spend in a lift line and at Camp of Champions it is A LOT, on average 15 minutes each time.

    “The Camp of Champions is the best maintained park in the world”

    Come on… You must have never been anywhere outside Whistler to believe that, there are many at least equally well maintained parks in the world.

    “As the COC park is “So damn big, I’ve been here a week and still haven’t hit everything!” as more than one pro put it”

    Well, I am not a pro and even though unlike pros I had to wait in the long lift line, somehow I managed to hit everything (except the biggest jumps for which I am not good enough)…