Cats of Anarchy Take on Rejected Edits


To close up this week, we, the Cats of Anarchy, took over the rejected edits, giving Jerm a break to regain his bitterness. We are still puzzled to why some of you guys send Yobeat the videos that you do, so here is our feedback to those helpless souls.  

Lost Hawks

grade: D

With the name Lost Hawks, we weren’t expecting much, so at least you had that going for you. Opening up the video with a lens slap by marijuana man, just really set the bar for what we knew was going to be a mediocre edit. Nobody wants to watch your stock go-pro footage and it doesn’t help that you added all those busted ass effects. Focus more on your pacing and content, it was slow as fuck and filled with cliché shit. You gotta hit us with that flavor, hit us with that flexxxx. Bring something new to the table na’meen? Also that dude in the hero was kind of blowing it! The only dudes that I saw reppin’ them shits this year were myself (Oliver) and Brett Wilkinson. You’re part of an exclusive club now, my dude and that zeach at :41 is in contention of beating my zeach in our teaser for Zeach of the Year. Also, you filmed it from two angles?! Shit’s offensive. Somehow the girl in this edit was the most impressive. I’m all for homie edits and stuff but c’mon! Sack up boys. Let’s also acknowledge the hiking shots at the end. Not really sure what that’s for.. perhaps to let people know you’re adventurous?

Ben Peck

Grade: D-

First off let me congratulate you on being one of the more solid jibbers at Mammoth. Unfortunately for you this pretty much means absolutely nothing. There were a lot of real low flying “skimmer” jump tricks in there too. Every time someone slow mos a shifty I want to shit blood. That’s more upsetting than Cato’s constant diarrhea, just depressing. Not really too sure what you were trying to do with this edit.. but you should know that kind of stuff wasn’t going to fly here. I’m sure your parents are psyched but we aren’t. Better luck next year.

For No Reason

Grade: C-

1:53-1:57.. ’nuff said. We should probably say something a bit more constructive and/or entertaining though so here it is: We saw some pretty cool spots in this teaser you guys just didn’t set them up right. Next time nut up a bit more or at least get more creative. Another thing is that there were a lot of shots of chode tubes, maybe cut some of those out. That shit looked like a Jibberish part, minus the fakie 500 on, of course. It seemed in good taste to rip on the rastalo (rasta juggalo) pants that home boy was wearing but then I kind of thought that Bulgaria might not be doing too well as a country and he was probably just shredding on whatever he could get his hands on.


Grade: B-

First of all, fuck Trevor Speranske. That fool dropped Jeremy and Richie’s names to get Ashbury shit after only having met them once. I think all of YoBeat as well as Trevor would find it beneficial for “#FuckTrevor” to start being a real thing.. IT’LL BE GOOD FOR YOUR IMAGE JOE. We actually met up with a lot of these guys up in Marquette and as much as we just tore Trevor’s ass up we secretly like him even though he’s a shitass. All in all this video wasn’t too bad for a homie vid. The hijinx shots definitely gave it character and made it watchable, at least for us. If you guys just had some kind of full time filmer and trimmed some of the fat out of your video and made like a 10 minute hammer vid instead, or perhaps some edit.. that shit would pop off. Also definitely cut the skiers. ALWAYS CUT THE SKIIERS. All in all Brett “Team-On-His-Back” Guild was definitely the MVP on this one and we’d definitely like to give him a shout out before wrapping this up. BABY BLUE I SEE YOU.

Lorenzo Supino

Grade: F

This one is blatantly not Yobeat ready. You should just watch all the other rejected edits and you’ll understand why we pretty much don’t need to say anything about this one. Maybe you were trying to go for little kid points? With dudes like Pat Fava and Red Gerard you’re going to have to try harder then that.

A Wicked Pissah Summah

Grade: D+

I suppose this is a step up from most rejected edits because it had a bit of direction. There was a general unifying theme that seemed consistent throughout the edit. Unfortunately for the viewer the theme was cheesy as all hell and got a bit boring. It’s cute, I’ll give you that but, “Dad Camming” a downrail for an entire edit gets pretty boring after a while no matter how hammer the tricks are. This reminded me of a video that some big name snowboarder would pull out of his or her b-hole that Snowboardermag or Transworld would eat their own shit over. However, you haven’t got a famous name and this is Yobeat. We ain’t buyin’ it. Shout out to the kid with the koolaid mustache, wuzgud. Last but not least, switch the fucking back on your go pro, no one can hear what you’re saying with that 100+ MPH wind blocker.

Summer Turf Snowboarding Vol. 2

Grade: A-

Honestly, this is the best turfboarding edit ever done. All you other mother fuckers take notes. CLAY HATZENBULER IS THE TURF COMMANDER. He makes that that shit work. When you see a turf setup, you see his mofuggin face. However I believe there is a strict Yobeat code against posting strictly tube edits. Anyone reading this should definitely watch out for his shots in “This Must Be The Place”. If you don’t already know him by now you’ll definitely get to know him within the next few years. On that note, SHUT THE FUCK UP CLAY.

Rio and Orla

Grade: D+ (69%)

It’s safe to say we all got boners when Orla front-boarded that down-flat-down. That girl can take a kink like a champ. If you ever need a place to sit.. holler at your boy, my face is always open. These girls can ride, for sure. The black and white kind of killed it though, the lighting seemed a bit off. Also, as is the case with pretty much every girl edit ever, there was a lot of zeaching and slips. However it was still a lot better than most guys’ rejected edits. If you had someone better to film and edit you I’m sure this thing would have been a lot better. In all seriousness though, Orla, we’re all trying to holler at dat a$$.

Good game bitches.

  • “if you ever need a place to sit holler at your boy my face is open” and Lorenzo.. WTF

  • Bate Nard

    Orla definitely earned that 69%

  • Curtin


  • Curtin

    O yeah and uh #fucktrevor



  • kitt-ed

    how did i just sit and watch any of these. snowboarding sucks. actually its fun. new hosts? fuck all of you. oh this guy said my name to get free product, lets call him out. you guys are fucking pussies. product this product that. look at my new ashburys. are those next years? sick. the industry seems to suck at this point. it seems like its all about finding that clean cut kid to represent your company and make sure he really pushes how fun snowboarding is and always has a good attitude. fuck that. get real. get high cuz its fun not cuz its cool. drink while you ride too, cuz its also fun. eat shit trying something big cuz everyone likes to see it. make sure you dont worry about how good your snowboarding is compared to the rest of the athletes cuz face it if your pro your not really worried about that. your just pro and your good cuz your good. you got that way by killing it on a consistant basis. not worrying about what peopl think of your snowboarding. your just naturally that way. that kid with those shifty 5050’s……keep it up

  • wtf

    Juggalo? that is gross… dont speak that word ever again unless you want them to start snowboarding….BAD IDEA!!!!! dont need any juggaho’s

  • Brian.


  • bret guild

    Trevor Speranske’s owes me $20

  • totallytrippintrevor


  • seamus

    that turf edit was really really impressive. wow.



  • Young Curti$

    yeah the video taking over…..wait till next year

  • LURK


  • holy turf

  • like seriously what the fuck


    yeah turf boy killed it

  • timbo

    giving trevor any attention is a bad idea because he gets a huge boner from it. and lorenzo supino should die. biggest joke ever. i think he might actually be a little retarded too.

  • bitch daddy

    God clay is a homo

  • Joe Sexton

    Trevor swallows…

  • ohhh yeaaaa

    these are definitely some bangers

  • Zoid

    Clay Hatzenbuler is a monster.


    turf boi should have a fucking feature why is he in rejected edits

  • turf kid

    looks like he is trying too hard

    and did he really just use that song?

  • Mac


  • matt

    somebody get clay hatzebuhler to hood. turf raiders like that deserve to ride on real snow

  • Sam

    I ride at Buckhill and see Clay all the time this kid is constantly throwing down bangers and just having a good time. definition of snowboarding in my opinion.

  • clay is the deffiniton of worst style

  • Turf boy

    I am turf boy and next year I will be filming and all turf video part with the yeah the video crew

  • hookersnblow

    @matt. clay is in hood. bein a fuckin boss like always.

    yo orla! HOLLA!

  • bearson

    b wilks rep it!

  • im astounded at how many people are into the turf edit. whats next carpet skate edits?

  • brighton

    that guy on the turf is better then me when im on snow. fuck.

  • Technine Rep

    Sean Kennyd is our newest rider (flow)

  • scoli

    clay is a fuuuhhgin bawss!

  • pizza frenchfries


  • 4loko


    being saga influenced is way better than being faggot influenced..

    like you are..

    because you’re a faggot.

    and i’ll go ahead and beat you to saying “oh arent they the same thing?” in order to save you the time it would take for you to translate that from faggot to english.

  • 4loko with a first class zinger


  • Shrek

    ” trimmed some of the fat out of your video”

    Did I get called fat my first time ever making rejected edits? Damn… Just remember Richie I yanked your bungee, naaaaa what I mean.

  • Hey Trevor

    Your bout to get fucked with… You owe me gas to NMU first and you tried touching my wiener on my snowmobile.

  • tofer esterbaiter

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. the funny thing is Ben Peck is not even close to “being one of the more solid jibbers at Mammoth”.. pretty sure you guys came outa mammoth and you should know this kid fucking blows at jibs and theres a handfull of kids that do hit rails and kill itt 500x harder than this kid. now he actualy thinks hes a good at rails thanks to you idiots!

  • Yamos

    Man, Cody Lee must feel like a god now that those kids ripped the audio from his Hood edit from last year.

  • Lorenzo

    please never come back to yobeat again, you really should try to pick up skiing because snowboarding just isn’t doing it for you..

    and that turf edit deserves an A+ and a front page. turf or not clay is sick.

  • oliver


    we didn’t call any one fat.. “trimming the fat” is just a figure of speach that i have always used to refer to removing removing an extra second or so of certain shots (or some shots entirely) in order to increase the pace of the content.

  • @oliver from Shrek

    Ok thats cool then. Well Ive heard Trevors being cut. He told us that he’s too cool to be in our video. Also he admitted to being “too hesh” for everyone and called KennyD too T9 to be around.

  • zoolander


    um earth to oliver i think he was joking

  • the future

    KennyD is the future of snowboarding

    Trevor Speranske is the next Pete Wast

  • kuchie4krack

    leronzo sepino

    cody lee how you feel?

  • trevor is a cum dumpster

    that trevor kid tells people he is “sponsored” by ashbury when he got a box of free product, ashbury should ban the kid from all of their products it would crush his world, i hope a gypsy steals his tent at hood. #fucktrevor

  • @TurfBoy

    Is this Bret or Alec… Im not hitting Bret’s summer set up again, I almost died… Its not shrek approved.

  • jenkemthief

    trevor would be on joe sextons scrotum before ashbury could ban him from their product. #fucktrevor and fuck melvin bradshaw

  • Kennyd after his ender trick

    ” I am soo happy I got that… T94L”

  • Brad Stencil


    Please take this down immeadiately. I did not approve my face to be used in Yeah!!! the video. I am going into the professional job market soon and cannot have videos like this representing me.

  • Joey Sexton

    I like that song a lot.

    Ps: now that I’m a vg’er I put a Y on the end of my first name. Try it out, #trevy.

  • The real KennyD

    These comments are priceless

  • uncle sam

    i wouldn’t mind buying orla out of a mailorder bride catalog

  • @Brad Stencil

    Thanks for cleaning up the soup I threw across the room at NMU, it means a lot. Good luck in the real world. <3 I wish I still had that hat.

  • MotownDrotown

    yeah the video was awesome, marquette is the shit minus all the cops

  • NS

    Wow, not sure what you guys want to say! We’ve seen your edits, make sure to clear your own mess the come back and review… and who the fuck read a web page that promote freeboard !?

  • NS’s Mom

    NS STFU and GTFO

  • face sitting

    Face sitting is sweet unless its some stanky puzzy.

  • NS

    buch of fat mom’s are on their way to your face! and freebord aint that skiers shit, Emotional drug banners as well…fuck wasn’t that a snowboard webpage?

  • Wicked Pissah

    SWEET! My edit made it on Yobeat!

  • trevor speranske

    #fucktrevor thanks guys! i finally got my own hash tag!

  • weasel


  • shrek

    trevor stop trying to act tough, we all know you cried when you read all of this

  • guru

    The snowboard industry can eat a dick… Pick up a fucking skateboard u stupid hipster fucks. Jerm….Suck a dick.

  • Enzo.

    Hey I made the cut. Score…

  • IamTrevor

    whos trevor ?

  • TheLeftCheek

    That turf edit was on point.