Hardly Winter FULL MOVIE


From a winter that forgot to happen, comes a movie that happened anyway.

Featuring: Mark Goodall, Gordon Birnie, Chris Fellner, Ben Poechman & Friends.

Filmed by Alex Bielawski and Andrew Wyton


  • YMR

    of course the canadian movie features some dirty looking dude with dreads

  • Danny Glibota had the sickest section

  • nathan

    You know once you see Goodall and friends names in the description your in for a good edit.

  • Rick

    Well done, well done.

  • chill factor

    12:18 thats a crispy back feeble bro

  • seamus

    there were so many perfect sick backboard pretzels in this

  • weinerhouse

    goodall with the heat

  • MARK GOODALL. been waitin for this part, it didnt dissapoint.

  • Enrique

    That beach set up in the intro was rad.

  • pol

    never heard of chris fellner before. killed it.

  • birnie and poechman with style for days

  • Dolphin

    Where is Jeffrey Robinson? I missed his part.

  • ^ this motha fucka just wants to be me! I’m the only dolphin on this site. Fucking KINGDOLPHIN. Cheese and rice.

  • PoofaceKillah

    Chris Fellner killed it.

  • nick riviera

    100 shots of the battlefield rail, really? every trick was done down it almost 10 years ago, did you really need to film boardslides and lipslides on it? have some dignity

  • jillian clark

    where was my full part?

  • mn

    gonna be honest, that was a tough ratio for the beach party

  • surp

    @chill factor

    go slarve a dode, that back feeble was switch

  • prego

    thom keith

  • mn

    @ surp

    Using the word “slarve” makes you sound like you have the soggiest gash in the league.

  • the greasy pickler

    i would eat a pretzel out of marks anal opening

  • gilbota, fellner, poechman, hell ya sweet movie, all these dudes were crushing rails. stoked on it !

  • brighton
  • stee G

    boobeyes @ yo brain

  • arielle richard

    I fucked Chris Fellner when he was 16 at summer camp.

  • arielle richard

    he had a small dick

  • bm

    mark’s got $WAG

  • bm

    minus his dreads

  • whatever

    I remember my first 360 out of a rail