Snowpark New Zealand Opener


It’s entirely possible that in an effort to not accidentally reuse a song, editors are now resorting to finding the worst possible songs to put with their videos. Either that, or they actually listen to this in New Zealand. However, the snowboarding is good and that park set up looks mighty fun. Snowpark is open.

  • filmed by: Michael J. Fox

  • CornWallice

    love making music


    only grabs i saw were indys and a half assed melon, fucking pussies.

  • well

    this prolly woulda been sick in 08


    is dumb because the first 3 jumps were with mute grabs. fucking pussy. submit your own video, you’re prolly one of those kids who just does back boards because he’s afraid he’ll zeach and other shit yobeat kids hate on.

  • Tim Herbert

    Hey guys do I look like seb toots? I’m thinking about going wider with my stance. Also scope my buddies back 9 no grab for the ender

  • yobeat kid

    Fuck man whatever happened to the good ‘ol fisheye follow cam

  • Colin

    KC KYLE sucks

  • free burberry

    With a name like Thugba, you are inherently entitled to street cred.

  • AG

    Yo KC Kyle take that carrot out your ass man, key board warroirs going hard.

  • Chase

    snow parks dope, but that hurt my brain.. shit editing… drop the zoom shit fuuarkkkkk

  • vegetarian horse

    I liked this, but I like snowboarding.

  • randy mathews

    my girlfriends dad lets me call him bro……… yeah right

  • dick poncho

    dick poncho says hi torstien horgmo

  • Walter

    1:38= platypus splash

  • KC Loc

    Fuck those melons and indys. if you aren’t hitting melon to back 3 get the fuck off the site… you’re trash.. and for you AG one would assume your name stands for Average Gaper.. pussy niggas

  • murphdawg

    the 5 at 1:15 should have been the ender. it was dope