Up The Road: A Video of Summer Snowboarding



For those of you who failed to celebrate Canada day yesterday, cause you’re American, or whatever, here’s 12 minutes from Variety Pack to prove, they’ve got it alright up there.

Features Matt Belzile, Jake Kuzyk, Alex Beebe, Chris Grenier, Zak Hale, Mikkel Bang, Alex Andrews, Harrison Gordon, Viktor Simco, Zach Aller, Charles Reid, Ethan Deiss, Rusty Ockenden and Mikey Rencz.

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  1. uncle sam
    uncle sam says:

    fuck you canada
    i can’t watch a 12 minute edit you socialists
    who do you think you are, shorts and shades?

  2. Space Cunt
    Space Cunt says:

    I wouldn’t be bummed out if I never had to watch another clip of Alex Andrews snowboard again.

  3. turdfergu..SON!
    turdfergu..SON! says:

    fuck these Freebord ads they make my computer run choppy as shit, “skate like a snowboarder” more like “skate like a faggot!”

  4. Just sayin'
    Just sayin' says:

    Having Jake Kuzyk’s clips appear at the same time with Alex Andrews makes me really realize how much I find myself not feeling Alex’s style.

  5. jeremiahjohnson
    jeremiahjohnson says:

    I don’t care when it was from, who was in it, or what they were wearing; there was shredding and it made me want to shred!

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