Woodward Tahoe Session 2 Video


If you can’t afford to go to snowboard camp, the good news is today you’ll be able to live vicariously through your screen. Here’s what’s been going down at Woodward Tahoe since Tony Hawk left. There’s plenty to b Happy about in this video, especially if you like dodgeball, trampolines and Bjorn Lienes.

edit: Paul Heran

  • this had very little snowboarding for a snowboard camp video

  • yourmom

    that does not look like its remotely close to being worth $2000

  • fuck pipe

  • wow

    those kids are going to be huge d-bags when they’re older

  • Local

    ^much like yourself. Sitting around hatin on stuff, very un d-bag like

  • B happy tickles my fancy. But i generally hate young children. please keep little kids playing out of edits



  • Sean


  • FUCK

    1.Good to still see some baggy pants 2. They have dirty snow 3. That kid needs a haircut on the reals essay

  • ChaunceyMcFadden

    For the lack of snow the ENTIRE season.. Their doin it, and doin it pretty well I must say. Thank god they got rid of that big black kook that was runnin it in the first place..