Killer Kai


What’s this!? A Footyfiend edit without hip hop? Possibly the first, but definitely not the first time we’ve been hyped to watch Kai Ujejski board.

  • forealdo

    sick wit it

  • matt

    how old is this fool

  • nathan

    Sick riding and even sicker locks

  • Why does he have a Stay Gold sticker on his board? I’ll hook him up with some crispy Berrics and DC stickers. Those guys at Emerica are just filthy dirtbags anyway. Everybody knows DC has the best team, our team features the most Street League winners (and basically everyone competing in Street League).

  • bob dole

    proper steez.

  • well

    i spotted 2 switch tricks

  • rainierwolfcastle

    i’d rather be watching an episode of the simpsons.

  • murrrrrda

    I spotted 5

  • KFC

    Front Blunt Pretzel.

  • dirty native

    My inukshuk points in the direction of Whistler.

  • stay gold mothafucka


  • colin

    well there was 4 switch tricks

  • larry

    witch sweet

  • The View

    I really wanted to hate on this but it was way good. cant even hate on the fashon.. his green face thing was kinda gay.back blunt pretz back by front blunt pretzle was fucked up

  • Get Blunted fool!


    mini eman

  • pol

    kai is straight dope. i hear he has a fetish with utensils tho

  • NWA

    Killa kai is rite. This kid got swagg

  • Larry Hoover

    a bunch of average tricks done sik as fuk

  • dlowk

    Brooke hates my comments

  • M3TH

    kids alight……

  • cut his arms off and hes dope as fuck.

    hes still dope.

  • benny urban-esque. thats whats up

  • the U.S.

    we miss cody and jordan

  • grouch

    @KC KYLE how is he anything like eman, take your shit knowledge somewhere else cunt