Woodward Copper 2012 Adult Session is In the Books

If you didn’t make it to the first session at Woodward Copper you totally blew it. They had the Angry Snowboarder and Lil John!

What do warm days, the smell of sunscreen, fake mustaches, board shorts and snow all have in common?? That’s right, Woodward at Copper Summer Camp has begun! Adult Camp kicked off with a bang last week as folks flew in from all over the country to shred on our sick summer snow. Some campers left their kids behind to learn some new tricks in the park while others thought summer camp would make a sweet last trip before they began college. Check out their edit.

New “Super” addition this Summer!
Returning campers have found this summer is different than any other because of one “super” addition. The SUPER TRAMP is complete and this week’s campers are some of the first to jump on this rad trampoline. The super tramp is one of the first in the country and it allows for a much longer air time with an insane amount of bounce to dial in tricks like never before. Check out a first glimpse of the super tramp here.

Haven’t booked your summer camp yet?! Time is running out as spots are filling quick! Click here to book today. (link: )

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  1. KC KYLE
    KC KYLE says:

    oh man and thats why colorado’s rep is horrible… not 1 good trick in there even that dude in the beginning sucked. but honestly in a way it makes colorado sick, pretty much everyone is a kook from out of state. you get a bunch of different cultures in one zone, while snowboarding 8 months a year(some years), with awesome pow days. & its close to kansas city, best who has BBQ in the world(gates,arthur b’s, jackstack just to name a few)

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