Firing Squad: Meg Haywood Sullivan vs Reid Morth

We’re back to snow this week for a few reasons. 1. We got a few good snow shots submitted. 2. We’re concerned about the man-thong vs skate champions battle that would have happened next week. 3. Summer apparently doesn’t want to start in Oregon anyway. So for those of you who’ve been really upset by the last two weeks of skate battles, this one’s for you! Vote.

Photo 1 by Meg Haywood-Sullivan

Photo 2 by Reid Morth

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  • Placid

    Wait a woman shot the first photo?

  • brighton

    second one just because he rides a capita

  • weinerhouse

    second cause he’s pow planting

  • Trevor

    First one, because Reid added a blur that wasn’t created by the lens he’s using, and that’s some cheesy shit

  • Reidz, cuz that is the pimp shit and he shot that A frame first!

  • wait

    so the second picture..
    he does an inverted handplant maneuver..
    in powder snow.
    you sir deserve an award!

  • One is at the lip one is not. One is an ass shot one is not. Ones composition is proper and one is muddy. Thats all ready 3 to 0. I choose #1.

  • Frontside invert in the pow is pretty boss tho.

  • Dick poncho

    megs watermark <<<<

  • S.S.

    Not that i favor one photo over the other or your photo skills, but Zach Hooper you have a Volcom ad published on your blog that is an ass shot of Mitrani. Although it is a sick photo I think they should pull it because on your own logic it is a bad photo. Your photography is excellent, but judgement is hypocritical.

  • Todd Kirbys Mom

    Both awesome photographers. Both awesome inverts. tough call

  • sledr1

    meg’s is tight but i voted for morth just cus i’ve hit the same a-frame haha

  • Meg’s is just nicer to look at and the colors are better.
    And front shot>ass shot

  • biff

    can we get an ass shot of meg? I’d vote for that.

  • Gnar bar
  • babygail420fourU

    Pow plant by far… Fucking sick shot. Even if he photoshopped a fake DOF.

  • ButchCassidy

    Montana love!

  • slex luthor

    your mom has a fake DOF