Doin’ Things with Alex Andrews, Cam Pierce and Friends


There’s more to summer snowboarding than Mt. Hood (or the Euro glaciers as we learned last week.) In fact, sometimes snowboarders stay home. Here’s a simple collection of video clips and sound bytes. Boarding, bikes and guns. Have a look in to the lives of Cam and Alex, doing the awesome things that snowboarders do. Snowboarding, skateboarding and homies shooting the shit, while literally shooting some shit.

Additional hanging out action provided by Aaron Brimhall, Brandon Hammid, Justin Keniston, Mike Sarge and Sean Black.

  • i wonder if early onset balding will become the next big trend.

  • assbury

    alex looks like ET

  • T-Diggy

    i really wanna build some log jibs this summer

  • weinerhouse

    no balding wont be, but motorcycle helmets most likely will

  • The View

    wow still hasta put the old hood over the helmet which is over a flat brim in the summer….snowboarding is sooo dumb. fuck you

  • Lorenzo

    Where did you find these guys? A Cave in Salt Lake?


    What’s a Utah?

  • minnesotanice

    didn’t know dee snyder could snowboard so well.

  • Tim Horton

    didn’t know cam was allowed to hang with anyone else besides the forum fags

  • randy mathews

    i feel extremely comfortable going up against alex andrews in a duel

  • YMR

    I just hung out with someone else’s friends for 3 minutes.

  • Utah is kick ass. That is all.

  • What are you scared?

  • brah


  • frontLIPS&BACKboards

    the view, you must be a fucking pigeon, go hike a jump you piece of shit.

  • Ryan Anderson

    Whole bunch of haters commenting up there. Shut the fuck up and go have fun like these guys are doing.

  • hmm

    yeah cole

  • MotownDrotown

    no, alex looks like james from the james and the giant peach. That really weirdly animated one from the 90s. that movie creeps me out.

  • brighton

    Lets be honest Alex is much better then all of you commenting.

  • someradbro

    This looks fun, those moves are kewl, “happy summer, get tatted”