Perisher Blue Opening (Featuring the Hair)


The well-oiled, money making machines known as Australian Ski Resorts opened their virgin slopes up to those far too willing to hand over $110 to ride t-bars and pomas in crowded early season slope. We joined in with the rest of the suckas and made our way up to Australia’s main resort – Perisher Blue. Awaiting us where Rival Snowbro filmer gangs all battling it out with an array of filming apparatus to secure the title of having the first Australian edit out for 2012. We beat them , so fuck ya – end of story

Here’s a bunch of kooks trying to be like Mike Rav but falling way short in a place that makes better pies than ski resorts – known as Australia. You didn’t think we had snow? We don’t, Man-made baby. Man-Made.– Louis Macindoe, official Yobeat Aussie correspondent.

  • lol

    I was really hoping that slash at :40 would knock the hair off the lens

  • yoyougotfruit

    Enjoyed it

    and fuck that hair

  • boneyballsack

    where are all the kangaroos?

  • whats up with all this trying to be mike ran talk?

  • yobeat kid

    gap ender was cray

  • wait,

    Do we care what Aussies think?

  • Yamos

    Pube on the lens, nice.

  • Australia has snow?

  • Last Guy was sick!

  • uncle sam

    fuck you yobeat
    we don’t care about euro-rave europe or kangaroo australia
    give some edits from the good ‘ol motherland USA
    snowboard capitol of the universe
    land of the fucking free

  • Tim Horton

    oh shit. don’t start this shit again. can’t we all just enjoy a double double and be friends?


    Jerm’s Mom has never left the USA and can’t even locate his own country on a world map…….wait what’s a world map?……ohhhh sheeeet there is a mcdonalds nom nom nom

  • fingaz

    uncle sam is a kook

  • Sweater Puppets

    god fucking damnit that looked fun!

  • @unclesam jerms mom is canadian..get with it

  • Tim Horton

    Jerm’s Mom is Canadian and we are proud to have him.

  • from this edit i got your filmd with a pube on the lens and your friends do tuck knee tindys. sick

  • jojive


  • Dickvayne

    Uncle sam I fucked your mother country

  • I mean, Fuck Uncle Sam is an oblivious ass hole.. But I’d fuck him

  • uncle sam

    @jerm’s mom thanks socialist neighbor.
    north america friends 4 life!
    vermont still has better syrup though

  • The View

    id rather watch the whalecock / whale fucking video clip on thrasher. learn how to hit jumps you pussies! fuck you

  • assbury

    Its funny how the first day your always throwing hams, then the rest of the season your just kinda slouched and soul riding

  • asdkjfnsDJ

    thats last kid was really good and why are they trying to be like rav

  • He$h

    You better have drinken a lot of victoria bitter there. Best aussie beer

  • wade p thomas

    fuck mt brighton

  • jerm’s grandma

    global warming the fuckoutof that man made snow!

  • wtf

    well on the plus side this is the first time i’ve seen aussie snowboarding that wasn’t a bunch of skittle-clad widestance bros doing ugly doubles

  • wtf

    also kid starting at 1:34 does a pretty good dylan dragotta impression

  • MotownDrotown

    that was awesome


    Didnt you hear? Big Hugs chug victoria bitter at the end of each lap!….fucking legends…then we root the dead kangaroos on the drive home….fucking gangster shit!


    it was a nice edit, i thought the pube waas the topping on the cake. one might assume the camera man just finished filming a euro porno, cause according to the playful euroVSafuckingmerica post, they all have hairy pussys which was admitted by several euros

  • yobeat kid

    mmm euro porn


    @ comment 21

    What u know bout syrup nigga??

  • Mick Fanning

    nothing better than fucken dead kangaroos, rippen VB’s, and copping lefts at the pier… that hair on the lens is 10x better than jerms mum, the big hug lads be going deeeeeep!

  • Batman

    My OCD senses are tingling

  • heatwave

    the kid at the end rides like he is straight outta Minnesota. I like it.

  • squares

    KC KYLE I swear to god, you’re becoming jnepnation. Just fucking leave.

  • Great resort 😀