A Quickie with Snowboarder’s Laura Austin

Once upon a time Laura Austin was (at best) an occasional contributor for Yobeat.com. But, as a rising young darling of the media world she quickly got scooped up by the Snowboarder crew when no one else would take the job. At only 22 this East Coaster has an impressive body of work, from varied clients, spanning multiple markets culturally irrelevant to the mainstream. In English, that means she’s one hell of a productive hipster. So while she works for the enemy, we decided so what, we’re all friends here, and  banged out a nice little Quickie. Enjoy the aftermath.

How many quickies have you had?

(Laughing) I don’t even know how to answer that, enough to keep me content.

So besides being the Digital Editor at Snowboarder, what do you do?

Hmm… I do a lot of stuff. I guess outside of my full-time gig at Snowboarder most people know me for photography.

Have you ever taking photos during a quickie?

Come to think of it, I don’t think I have. That’s a good idea though… as long as I am the one in possession of the photos afterwards. I don’t need anyone blackmailing me.

Laura enjoys road trips, music festivals and shooting beautiful washy landscapes. photo: Laura Austin

What has been your most exciting or big deal photo gig?

The project I did with Heineken last summer was probably one of the better ones. They sent me out to music festivals to shoot the styles of the “festival-goers”. Thanks for assisting me in Chicago by the way… best assistant I’ve ever had.

Do you have a quickie with all of your assistants?

No, you are the only assistant I have crossed that boundary with.

How’d you end up as the Digital Editor at Snowboarder?

Through a series of random jobs in “the industry”. Before I was at Snowboarder I was working as a graphic designer at Quiksilver, designing print content for most of their snow and skate stuff. Then I had my own blogging stuff on the side, I even contributed to Yobeat a few times. By the time I heard the Online Editor position was open at Snowboarder I was tired of just being stuck at a desk 24-7 as a designer, so I hit up Bridges about it and things just fell into place.

LNP, beer and some hotel room. Laura gets to be there, you only get to comment about it. photo: Laura Austin

You’re pretty high up for someone so young, did a quickie or two help you climb the ladder?

Ha, fuck no. I’ve been working my ass off since high school to get where I am now. And don’t take “working my ass off” in the wrong way. I know how your mind works Lipton.

Now that you’re a lady blogger on the net, how do you feel about anonymous commentators?

I personally don’t care at all. I know I should in the position I am in, but anonymous or not… the people who get that worked up in the comment section of a website should go find something better to do with their time. I think it is pretty funny actually.

Do you feel weird about having such a public quickie? Considering it will be commented on and forever frozen in time?

I’ve gotten pretty used to having personal info littered onto the internet so I don’t mind.

There’s a threesome joke here, but, “REDRUM” seems more fitting. photo: Holden or Laura or something.

How has working in “the industry” changed your perception on snowboarding?

Oh man, I don’t know if I should answer this question. Anytime you turn your hobby/passion into work it is going to change your perception of it. I just have to make sure I get out to ride in completely non-work related situations enough for me to not just view snowboarding as a job. It’s easy to get eaten up and spit out or jaded in this industry, I just have to get creative finding ways for it to hold my interest.

I’ve done with quickies with a few pros now, how many pros have you done quickies with?

You think you are clever don’t you?

What’s the best part about working at Snowboarder?

The travel. But it’s also nice working with the crew we have over here.

Hipster shit somewhere in a baron, beautiful land. photo: Laura Austin

What do you think of Transworld?

Are you trying to start a war between Transworld and Snowboarder in hopes that we just kill eachother so Yobeat rises to the top? My completely honest answer is that, Transworld is cool. I have nothing against those guys. I just think they appeal to a completely different demographic than Snowboarder does. To me Transworld speaks to the casual snowboarder, where our voice appeals to the Snowboarder’s snowboarder more. That was a lot of “Snowboarder” in one paragraph. I have tunnel vision though. I tend to focus on what I am doing and how I can make that better… instead of worrying about what everyone else is doing.

Well that was boring. Anyway, last question, out of all the weenies in the world, which would you rather have in your mouth?

A Cobra Dog of course. Specifically a Cheddaconda Cobra style…. with mustard AND ketchup. Sorry Cory (Grove), I know you hate ketchup. You just got me excited to go to Govy this summer, weird.

Laura has a bunch of stupid articles that don’t mean shit over at her job, but she’s also got a website, with links to a plethora of content and plenty of beautiful photos. Check it out right here: http://laustindesign.com

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