People’s Court: Paz Schönleitne vs Kevin Kok

Following the fun Europe vs ‘merica drama we managed to start this week, what better time to throw some Euros you’ve never heard of riding mountain you will probably never go to in the People’s Court? Plus, they’re pretty good at hitting jumps. Don’t get confused, it’s this type of snowboarding they like to do in Europe. Consider it a cultural experience.

Paz Schönleitne


Kevin Kok

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Mandatory Disclaimer: Battles are open to any amateur snowboarder. As long as you are not getting paid by any brand, you are eligible to compete. You may choose your size, but not style (prizes are given away based on availability.) Videos should be submitted by the rider, not the videographer or your asshole friends. But whatever.

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  1. nathan
    nathan says:

    Ive never riden or talked to anybody whos riden a never summer board but to me they come off as a cheap and shitty board

  2. wtf
    wtf says:

    @yo the front 5 wasnt good for ya?
    @danny g , watch the damn edit , he spins frontside
    @nathan never summers are dope, ride the board before you judge it, wanker.

  3. matt
    matt says:

    i watched approximately :35 of each. i just cant stand electro pop.
    @wtf u mad?
    why do euros get so offended on here and feel the need to justify every hate comment?

  4. LongDongSilver
    LongDongSilver says:

    So glad the park crew built such a sick jump for Paz to really give er. He innovated some new shizz

  5. KC KYLE
    KC KYLE says:

    once again, euros suck. Im racist, i dont like hairy pussys, & i sure as fuck dont like techno. bring the hate to my plate…please.

  6. sluicebox
    sluicebox says:

    is it just me or was the first park jump in the euro vid really poppy and fun looking, like katy perry status

  7. wtf
    wtf says:

    nah dog i’m canadian.. you know, the country with all the shreds better than you? man trolling here is hilarious, all you “merican” fucks get so mad. bahahahha

  8. The View
    The View says:

    Those kids suck, jumpings gay and boring. learn how to hit rails you pussies…and @wtf neversummer sucks and stop tryin to back up your imbred euro friends. fuck you

  9. pol
    pol says:


    jerms mom is Canadian you dumb fuck. Stop giving us a bad rap with your stupidity.

    I apologize on behalf of Canada. this fellow needs to be bear maced ASAP

  10. MotownDrotown
    MotownDrotown says:

    I nutted on an irish girls face after aggresively fucking her and choking her out. America wins. This has nothing to do with this I just feel like arguing more

  11. btk
    btk says:

    kevin kok had some moves for sure, young italian on the come up. hwcls their crew is legit as fuck, and JERM has baby dick.yup. his jail mate told us so.

  12. Luke
    Luke says:

    Kevin is a bauce, bs5 off his heels and then fs7 off his toes @1.46 where sick.
    …although i guess it’s not really fair to other dude to be paired up to a kid that is sponsored by burton (rightfully so) and on the italian national team.

  13. ERIC
    ERIC says:

    never summer snowboards are garbage if the first guy didnt ride one hed be better off. Rails are for skateboards . Eruros have the rite Idea snowboarders that actually go big instead of a bunch of looser gypsy wantabeees.

  14. weinerhouse
    weinerhouse says:

    give the second kid a chance he threw down… even the first woulda been alright if it wasn’t 30 minutes long

  15. G
    G says:

    nice to see some kids who can do more than a front 3 to fill their “jump quota” @Meowcat as watching simply rails can get boring as hell, and that 2nd kid was way to good for this, plus the 1st kid must have done that fucking cork 5 like 7 times in that edit

  16. wumbo
    wumbo says:

    Id like to see the first kid spin backside.. and kok deffinetly fufilled his jump quota, throwing switch wildcats and cab double 10s, italian kids got talent.

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