Firing Squad: Ben van Avermaete vs Tal Roberts

The skate submissions are rolling in now (keep the coming, huh) so we’ve got another wheeled-battle on our hands. For those of you whining that this is a snowboard site, we decided to go for two black and white shots this week, so if you really need to, you can imagine snow more easily. Or you could just accept that it’s summer and vote for the photo you like better.

Photo 1 by Ben van Avermaete

Photo 2 by Tal Roberts

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  • yobeat sucks

    alright, you clearly suck at what you’re doing yobeat! there’s snow in Europe, 5 meters of it on every fucking glacier and there is snowboarding going on there every day. So are decent clips coming out, you’re just fucking retarded.

    So here’s some recent stuff you’ve been missing for example:

    For all of you people who are not just plain haters or under the “US is all I care about, Europe sucks” mindset, but you actually enjoy watching snowboard edits, I suggest visiting some of these sites. They clearly do better job than Yobeat

  • timbo

    there’s only one true ben van and that is not it.

  • al

    I just don’t get the composition or timing of Ben’s shot at all. Is that a front tail? Blunt transfer? I can’t tell what’s happening all the way over there.

  • boneyballsack

    @yobeat sucks
    they called you out on the next post you fucking flamer

  • matic

    no need for rude words from my side. I am sorry.

  • medical mutt


  • That frontboard looks funny lolz. I think even with my vert feet, which make street skating so much harder for me, I could do one of those. This makes me wonder if that guy once was a vert skater too. Also the skatepark in the first picture looks dirty, they should take a look at how clean I keep the Berrics


  • stuff

    The coal pad? deep