Monday Minute: The Lost Troll Footage


  • shawn white

    hit sum jumps pussies, rails are dumb thats why i never really learned how to hit them

  • More white shit on the lense than when I made my first porno

  • Walter

    some people dont have jumps to hit

  • frontLIPS&BACKboards

    shawn white, your a fucking idiot. the only reason you talk shit on rails is cause your to scared to hit a simple down rail with a foot ollie. fucking BITCH! HA!


    nice that was a solid edit

  • boneyballsack

    nice burton rental board ethan

  • yourmom

    Why the fuck did they use that song? like honestly

  • MotownDrotown

    when the fuck did snowboarding become something to be judged and critiqued? it’s like i’m reading my pretentios ass TA’s remarks on my film studies paper all over again. Have fun or die.

  • Yamos

    Recycled song w/ less bangers.


  • terb

    * house of 1817’s monday minute

  • .

    that was some shit to be posting on a website, cartoon letters and no variety boringg.

  • 1817 motha fucka

  • dig


  • kirby

    stop doing thoes darn 450s on please.