Bet You Can’t: Stephan Konkler


First day of Windell’s Session 1 was a rain day, so we decided to challenge Stephan Konkler to do a couple of tricks in the Windell’s indoor skatepark. Watch and see if he gets a make.

  • jeremy estorga is a bitch

  • He$h

    They should be castrated for skating a flat bar in that ramp

  • Otto

    I bet he can’t rock to fakie that transition at 1:04

  • nick

    ride in the rain pussies…its the northwest!

  • Le Grand Fromage

    Is it just me or was anyone else waiting for him to nut the rain super hard

  • Kyle Irvin

    The kid that meow’d probably listens to an unhealthy amount of creed

  • Timwindells’ballsack

    this sucked. Skate some ramps don’t just tik tak onto tiny rails

  • Bugs Bunny

    Is stephan short for stephanie cause this kids a bitch.

  • CornWallice

    good thing stephan looks so damn good in a helmet

  • why is there a flat bar in the bowl!?

  • klepto

    i can gurantee that the other kids in those shots telling him to do the tricks can’t skate worth shit. this is a snowboarding website.. get this shit off of here or change your motto from making fun of snowboarding to unfairly judging and hating on snowboard + skate videos because the yobeat staff is too garbage to do the tricks that they hate on.

  • hey

    Fucking pussies. wasn’t even that bad on the rain days.

  • Anal

    Yobeat is sick

  • free burberry

    One day, hating will be considered untrendy and positivity will be the norm. Yobeat’s comment section will be inundated with encouraging comments and people will look back at the current hate on this site as if it was today’s T-bolted stances. This comment was gay.

  • first bet you cant that i didnt enjoy

  • dylan trewin swallows for a 32 die cut

  • swag

    when yobeat first started doing the bet you cant videos, i thought it was a pretty cool idea. But then i watched the first one was gay, and i was like well maybe the next one will be good. and then the next one sucked too. and then there was ONE good one where this guy did a front 3 on tailpress or something like that. but other than that, yobeat really dropped the ball on these.

  • MotownDrotown

    bet you can’t snowboard if winter never fucking happened where you live.

  • USA

    i heard alex cato is on signal

  • Signal Tm

    Hey Christopher, hows that zip up?

  • salomon vandry

    the best part was the dude meowing at the end

  • sean

    I am also confused by the rails in a flow section, but noone can deny that if you can kickflip backlip a barrier like that or full cab backlip anything then you are good at skating (street)

  • sean

    p.s. I hope they weren’t really inside all day not shredding because of the rain.. that would be sad