A Quickie With Ted Borland

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Ted Borland is packing up and ready to head to Hood. Here’s a conversation about his recent snowboard season, and the adventures that came alongside. Feast your eyes on some top to bottom Brighton action and a tall guy in a wifebeater.

Video by Cole Taylor.

  • ted is rad.

  • such a nice guy and so much lazy style for someone 7 ft 3 … give or take a foot

  • TonyDanza

    Fred is the fuckin man. an all around good dude, not to mention he kills it on a snowboard.

  • no homo

    I agree with everyone above and also have a man crush on ted

  • mhm

  • Lady Flinstone

    what a babe

  • #


  • solid

  • Andrew

    Ted doesn’t front flip often, but when he does, de does it off the take off

  • verzure

  • MotownDrotown

    I’m tryin to figure out how to snowboard everyday the rest of my life. I’ll wash some mean dishes… i’ll wash so many dishes you don’t even know what the fuck just happened. If anyone from mt. hood or highcascade reads this…. you’re dealin with a dish washin pro. this mother fucker will wash dishes till you aint got no dishes left…. then i’ll wash the bus bins you cary them dishes in, then i’ll start washin your waiters and waitresses….. then i’ll start washin their cars…. it just don’t stop.

  • teds the biggest boss ever

  • fdperry

    that was a good vid.

  • karnkarn

    Always done right.

  • Sean

    Hell ya

  • Lepre

    N.13 are you DWD’s fredrik perry? Your Ducksjen part is one of my favorites. I’ve read you injured your knee this season, hope to see you riding again soon!

  • @MotownDrotown You can wash me anytime

  • burr

    all the rails look mini cause hes so tall

  • assbury

    moving sucks!(proceeds to do nothing)

  • Rachel Mack

    The things I would do to him 😉