Shorts and Shades 5


You’ve had plenty of prep, but now it’s officially here. Tre Squad’s Shorts and Shades, on the final day at Mt. Bachelor. Let the good times roll!

Featuring: Lucas Wachs, Max Warbington, Spencer Schubert, Ben Bilodeau, Gus Warbington, Logan Beaulieu, Jake Hjortland, Jacob Krugmire, Cole Ortega, Conner Turney, Alex Ing, Jake Selover, Kent Callister, Peter Jacobson, Jackson Ward, Will Dennis, Toby Witte, AND MANY MORE!!!!!!

  • catlicker


  • all time

  • dlowk

    More Kent Callister

  • Go faster

    This is the best thing that ever happened to park edits.

  • brett

    this was tight

  • snakeboarder

    if only brazzers could start doing shorts and shades… thats the world I wanna live in.

  • Treebeard

    This got me way more excited t snowboard than any other edit I’ve seen all year.

  • Rick Ross’s Diabetic Uncle

    Watching Gaycob Krugmire eat shit made the whole edit worth it. Actually, the edit was still fucking sweet without him falling, but that was the cherry on top.

  • Sam

    Their 12 minutes = better than anything else that will come out this year. Just like last year.

  • matt

    that skiier is too boss. always goin huge

  • yobeat kid




  • God

    Snowboarding as I intended it to be. Fuck shit up.

  • Your Mother

    Sweetie, put on some snow pants its way too cold for shorts! I don’t think you’re supposed to be jumping of lifts or knocking down poles either.

  • Ski Patrol


  • .

    lucas fucking wachs. holy shit.

  • only skiier permitted on this site…

    and closing day pow!? what a joke

  • 2 planks

    That skier is my hero

  • LongDongSilver

    ender was all time!! Oh wait rephrase, edit was all time!

  • Yobeatskier

    check out my sponser me video i want to ride for oakley and line ski’s. I also think i could get on burton as a skier!

  • Yobeatskier

    I <=3 Haters

  • mdot

    these cats shred hard. i been seen it.

  • MotownDrotown

    Maaaaannnn why you gotta hate on michigan, we already have to deal with eminem and kid rock. the fuck.

  • blowjob


  • poo

    I swear to based god tre squad stole my handycam a while back, and they still use it to this day. but its ok because shorts and shades is neat. CASCADE MIDDLE SCHOOL FOR LIFE

  • turdfergu..SON!

    You all are truly gods among men!!

  • jonas

    Ripping Shredding, Dudes.

  • DLO