Firing Squad: Paul Bagels Stanley vs Danny Vogel

Since you guys don’t seem interested in sending us enough skate photos for a real battle, we’re gonna stick with snow. This week, it’s a plant-off and you have a real tough decision to make. Let’s face it, neither of these shots are perfect, but does the humor of a man thong make up for a missed grab? Or does proper style (though in the middle of the wall) make you happier? One of them is gonna win, so just suck it up and vote.

Photo 1 by Paul Bagels Stanley

Photo 2 by Danny Vogel

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  • Nanerz


  • colin


  • Roboterd

    Voting for PBS… That could have NASTY consequences.

  • dreww

    DV steezy allllllllllll day!

  • Jay Hergert

    Paul Bagels for the win!

  • Bazinga

    phantom grab

  • homophobes

    bagel’s is clearly superior

  • Wut?

    No grab = no trick, just a fag in a thong
    Clear grab, and very clear plant on the wall = 6/10

    I’ll say, not a perfect plant but better than no grab

  • PileS

    thongs aside the composition in bagels photo is superior. dont be a sucker.

  • I like naked men…. So that is what I voted for.


    paul bagels stanley is fucking GAYYYYYY, suck my fucking cock faggot!

  • Matt

    Paul’s is a Backside Plant with a missed grab. Danny’s is a Frontside Plant with an Indy.

    Obviously the Frontside is more difficult and well, it’s grabbed. Danny wins.

  • Josh

    Danny’s the man!!!

  • Matt’s tight butthole

    excuse me matt, but its a backside plant with a missed grab, IN A THONG! danny’s is still just a frontside plant with an indy. hold the thong.

  • hary

    the pointer finger is totally touching his edge

  • in regards to comment #11: You play ball like a GIRL, better luck next year ya hoser.

  • Danny V

    In regards to #11…. If you’re not me… don’t try to be me… pretty lame dude.. pretty lame!

  • assbury

    Bo’s cuming in hot

  • ryan

    no grab vs grab… easy decision – Danny Vogel

  • steezmcgeez

    D vogel for the win

  • Bo’s nutz are hairy then Dannys

  • The Real Danny V.

    Just kidding im not the real danny vogel but he should win anyways!!!!!

  • matthew

    paul’s photo is the better photo. forget the subject, frontside, backside (with maybe a little too much front side), this is a photo battle.

  • what a waste of a photo battle

  • hank

    pauls photo itself is much better. nice framing man

  • jimmy two times two times

    I like Dannys better, get that guy out of the background, get the grab, and stop wearing thongs first guy!

  • PBS

    420 total votes, das wassup