Rejected Edits

We have a real mix of garbage in this edition of Rejected Edits. There’s poor filming and editing, sloppy riding, questionable audio tunes, and just plain boring snowboarding. For the last year I’ve had to do this sober. This is the last one, so enjoy the niceties while they last, because next month, the gloves come off.

Double days at Granite Gorge: C-

You guys should take a long hard look at what you’ve just done. In what realm of snowboarding are zeaches, swivels and tailfishes cool? “But it’s for fun” you say. False, there’s nothing fun about being the laughing stock of your hill.

Patches O’Hulahan: D

Yeah this is definitely good/interesting enough to be featured. My bad, I don’t know how I got it into the rejected edits group.

Sorry for the wait (part 2): B-

Remember when we rejected part 1? Well I had hoped this would convince them to scrap the project and go away. You’re probably all going to give me shit for this one but I don’t care how sick and tech you think the snowboarding is, I can only watch so much fast forwarded, shaky, and ramped rail slides.

Larpotron 3000: C

I was with you on this one until :21 seconds in. How are people still doing that shit and thinking it’s ok?

Bust Teaser: D-

I think you guys are 12 years old and this is the first edit you’ve ever made so I will cut you a break. Don’t submit anything again until you’re 135% sure it doesn’t suck or I’m just going to tear it apart.

Kevin Gillespie is Here: D

I blame Connor Brown for this travesty. You had to go and make good edits with just a bit too much ramping now every little shit head is trying to get on your tip. Sometimes I think you made edits that way just as an inside joke to see how many others you could get to follow you. If so, congrats.

Closing day Chaos: D-

I can hear you now down in the parking lot throwing back Natty Lights, telling everyone how sick and fun it was on your mini board “jibbin” around the mountain. Well if you enjoyed it then good, but I can tell you it looks stupid and no one wants to watch an edit like this except your equally idiotic bros who recommended you use this killer track.

Brundage Closing Day: C

Usually I’m not happy to see any resort close, but this one is different. With the closing of Brundage for the season I can be assured that I will not have to watch another edit from you guys for at least 5 more months. 2:17, boardslide to switch on a flat box? Did that shot really need to be in the edit?

Montetage: C-

In general, the Midwest comes out with some good snowboarding. But when you open with a fierce bs zeach your edit doesn’t stand a chance. And then you swiveled. Cut that shit out.

Timberline Laps: D

:52, you thought it was quick enough that no one would notice your bs tindy out. I’m all for “just having fun” edits. But the riding has to actually be good. You guys look like a Junior high weekend warrior troop.

Madness: D

I think you should hit up the guys who made the Patches O’Hulahan edit. You guys would probably make a great team.

Monfuckintana: D-

This edit demonstrates a theory I’ve had for awhile now — the smaller the feature is, the probability of sloppy riding and zeaches will increase. Here we have a nice 6-foot tube and about 90% of the moves are horrid. You look like you’re jumping around a jungle gym.

Swiss Valley Slush: F

And Lastly the JNEPNATION…. I generally make it a practice to ignore these guys simply because they’re annoying and a disgrace to snowboarding. But today I was feeling generous. You should have you ability to purchase snowboarding gear revoked for this travesty of an edit. “intentional zeaches and proper wrist angles”. Intentional because those are the only moves you can actually do. So here you have it, you’re back on Yobeat. Enjoy it because it might not happen again for awhile.

  • Jerm, I thought I said now computer on a School night!

  • Jerm isnt sad you work saga? does that make a bigger loser then you already are?

  • bluecollar

    o wait connor invented ramping? I didnt know this

  • iridetroll

    Jerm’s Mom
    tomorrows memorial day schools off

  • colin

    I could only watch 1 minute of the sorry for the wait because the terrible filming started to give me a headache

  • colin

    Jerm how do you give gillespie is here a D but some how give Double days at granite gorge a C-?

  • meow

    Im gonna drunk cum all over these edits

  • dlowk

    Jerms Moms from Canada. They dont participate in Memorial Day

  • weez nutz

    That edit linked in your name was so bad

  • matthew

    wow timberline edit was actually sick. and you gave it a D? jerm’s getting a little jealous of some fun being had on hood. can’t wait to see your banger montage from this summer at windells dude!!

  • TF

    the guys at stevens are sick they rip so hard

  • fish

    You’re wrong Connor McDonald aka F-Boyz! There is no bigger looser then you. Your style/riding/edit/humor is the worst shit that ever made it on this site, somehow…
    @Jerm I hope you get agressive when you’re drunk because this could use a bit more truth.

  • Walter

    dlowk knows whats good

  • zenu

    mountain dew on a school night?!

  • randy mathews

    definitely bringing back the hot garbage next year thanks to the granite gorge one

  • micah

    jerm, you work for saga. enough said. whoops

  • micah

    connor brown took everything he knows from high cascade edits. lets see some originality.

  • MotownDrotown

    Jnep nation, don’t come to michigan, stay in indiana.

  • turdfergu..SON!

    How are people still wearing tall tee’s? especially tall tee/ tight pants combos. You look like a tard. That kind of attire should be reserved for 14 year old girls and summit county skittle gangst trolls.
    It is not fashionable, it makes you look like an absolute kook. “oh what is that you say? I dont care about what I look like. Well then why the fart did you wear that god damn tall t in the first place?”

  • MotownDrotown

    Well I never want to snowboard with this person above me… ever. Fuck you. Seriously, fuck you soooo much. you are what’s wrong with snowboarding. If i’m ever riding with a kid that comments on anyone’s outerwear, I stop and ride with fun people that don’t act like 12 year old girls on the first day of 6th grade. Go be pretentious somewhere else, maybe somehwere where there are alot of barista’s and macbook airs. faggot

  • the red haird intern Jeff

    I’m pretty sure nobody’s on Connor Browns “tip.”

  • the red haird intern Jeff

    And Jerm’s a maurk.

  • Cunt Punt

    That timberline edit was actually really good. I’m confused


  • Jermisachad

    In my opinion Yobeat is the second worst trend in snowboarding. The worst trend is repping any ski company(saga for example) One more thing, is Jerm a self givin nickname? I think you should start goin by chad. Just as douchey sounding but not self givin. All this Yobeat is starting to make me sound negative..time to check transworld.

  • @Jermisachad, the name is a shortened version of my full name. but you can get mad if you want to. sorry if i hurt your feelings. come back to yobeat when youve grown some balls.

  • big dipper

    jerm is a queer who puts things in his butt

  • squares

    Have fun being bored off your dick at transworld. This is quality shit.

  • What is the lesson here? Just because you have a crappy GoPro doesn’t make you an professional filmer

  • I mean… obviously none of these edits were feature worthy…you guys know what Jerm does with edits that don’t get featured… so why are you mad?

  • Muskie

    Gotta love the classic front smith to back feeble tap in the first video.

  • squares


  • magic johnson

    These edits made me quit taking my aids medicine. Closing Day Chaos is sick too.

  • check out my son, he has his zeaches and swivels down so good now and he’s only 30!

  • trees

    the timberline and jnepnation edit were actually pretty rad

  • He$h

    Mt. Hood is a shit show

  • nwstoke

    closing day chaos didn’t deserve that grade. Way better than dumb rap shit that sounds terrible

  • wain

    The more jumps you have in an edit.. the worse grade you get from Jerm. Ha! Makes sense..

  • Joel

    hahahaha fuck i love you jerm

  • dick poncho

    ummm i really dont think swiss valley slush deserved an F. unless its an F for Fuck Jerm

  • blz

    i wish i was as cool as jerm thinks he is


  • jermsalwaysright

    all these edits fucking blowwww. there you go jerm!! double days at granite gorge. them keene state pussies suck the penisss in each others dorms! little faggots

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    Follow @dicklyfe on twitter

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    yah i have never in my life seen a ram slomo before…