A Quickie with Lance Hakker


Lance Hakker and the Ashbury/Videograss crew has seen a quick rise to awesomeness. With new team riders on the way, new videos coming out and a whole slew of new product hitting the shelves it made sense to catch up and give you, our dear reader, the scoop in this Quickie with Lance Hakker. 

You’re Lance Hakker, knower of all, workaholic and twin, what projects do you currently have your hands on? 

I’m just cracking away at Ashbury mostly. We just put on a new skater that we’re gonna announce soon. My Mom is helping us get our books straight, so I’m helping her with that a lot. The Videograss session at High Cascade is coming up, so I’m looking forward to that. And we’re also gonna have a VG art show the day before the premiere sometime this summer up in Portland, so I gotta start making art, if I do end up making any art at all.

Can you leak any Ashbury/Videograss secrets for the millions of 13 year olds reading this? 

I know you, and you’re looking for some wild dirt. And I know there’s some out there, and some that I know about and would be willing to reveal. But I just can’t think right now. You should have a full interview with Justin Meyer about that kind of thing, Justin loves that stuff. How about I just tell you who our new skater is, I’m pretty hyped on him. He’s a big basketball fan, so me and him hit it off real quick. He’s a big OKC fan because he’s from there originally, and we made a $50 bet on that last playoff series. And obviously, I lost. It’s Ernie Torres. He’s tight, and I’m hyped to have someone from Real on the team. We’ll more properly announce it really soon.

Oh and also, my brother just got a bird last night that he had shipped from Texas. It’s gonna be chilling at the Emporium every day now. His names is Pops and if anyone ever stops by, they’ll meet him.

Tell me about the Ashbury instacontest. 

Oh yeah. It’s a monthly hashtag Instagram contest and we’ll switch it up every month. Right now we’re just looking for people to find our triangle circle logo out in the real world and tag it with #ashburyinstacontest. That goes on until the end of May, then next month we’ll do something else. Maybe make people draw something.

Rank these in importance; Snowboarding, skateboarding, bass fishing, the lakers, your girlfriend.

Oh wow. Really? Okay. Girlfriend, the Lakers, bass fishing, snowboarding, skateboarding.

The Lakers and bass fishing is hard, I put the Lakers first because the Lakers winning a championship is better than an amazing day of fishing, but if I were to catch a 13 pound or more bass, that would be way better than the Lakers winning the championship.

This is the kind of stuff that will win you all kinds of stuff from Ashbury.

How did filming for Videograss go this year? Did you ever think you’d be supporting three videos and getting energy drink money to do it?

Videograss is going really well. Justin (Meyer) always downplays his footage at this time of the year. But from everything I’ve seen, I’m psyched. And I know Hayden and Gary are psyched on how things went. We’ve been doing this for a while now, so I don’t bug anyone for leaks quite as much. Which is fun, because when I finally see the videos, they’ll be mostly new to me! And no way did I ever think I’d be this involved in making snowboard movies. I mean, I can be a risk taker and I’m always down to make something happen, but at the same time, it’s such a dream come true. It’s a privilege to be doing what I do. And yeah, Big Ev at Monster is seriously making so much possible for us. It’s crazy. Evan is killing it at Monster balancing all sides of snowboarding.

If you had to drink three tall Monster cans a day how much better would you be at business?

I think a lot of our back end stuff would just completely fall off. But, I’d probably be so creative. These past few days when I get my coffee, I’ve been dropping these coffee shots in my coffee, and I feel crazy. Right now, as I type, I feel super crazy. And I’m not the only one in here having those coffee shots, so our inter-office banter is pretty funny. With 3 tall Monsters, we’d lose it.

Snowboarding is a big, weird world these days. 

Do you think snowboarding is heading in a good direction? 

I don’t think snowboarding is heading in any direction really. It’s sorta like space maybe? It’s just expanding in every direction. If that is what space is doing. I’m biased, but I like what we’re doing with Ashbury and Videograss. I like all these new snowboard crews making their own homey movies. Everyone is motivated. One thing I think is cool, is I get a lot of kids who hit me up for advice on making it, or on getting in film crews or whatever. But they’re just asking to ask, just for information. They’re not even trying to get sponsored and I’m super impressed that so many kids have that mentality. It’s not so much a ‘me first’ mentality, it’s a ‘what do I have to do’. And that is so encouraging. As far as every time a triple cork is landed it’s a news piece of popular culture snowboarding, I mean whatever. It’s there. It’s inevitable. I don’t have anything to do with it and I sorta doubt I ever will. So what I think doesn’t even matter, right?

 Hopefully this is Lance’s girlfriend and his brothers new parrot. Otherwise, this is just weird. 

What’s going down at the VG session this summer? 

That is a very good question. I actually emailed all the riders to get their ideas. That was a few weeks back, and so far I’ve had zero replies. Which is what you’d expect. But our riders are really active in participating with the kids. We do off-hill activities and on-hill every day. Everyone is skating with the kids, snowboarding, we give away a ton of promo. And of course, if you’re at Session One, the VG session, you get the first viewing of our movies. Which is something all of us involved in Videograss get excited about.

I dont get the appeal, but apparently it’s cool enough to make the papers. 

Are there any plans to outdo yourselves for the infamous VG Premier number 4 this year?

Oh dude, you know me. I’m sort of a prude. But we’re gonna have two nights to make an attempt. With the art show the night before. I think Will Tuddenham and Jordan Mendenhall’s band, Wildcat Strike, is gonna play too. Which will be awesome. I feel that the crew is ready to let loose this time.

Last question, if kids start instagraming Ashbury logo tattoos will you give them free stuff? 

Yes. If you’re going to get Ashbury tattoo’d on you, then you deserve some swag.

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    I will read this tomorrow, but i thought having first comment would boost my self esteem.

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    Best thing Nick Lipton has ever done. Lance is a Boss… and So no Joe Carlino filming with VG.. I heard hes filming the Nike video.. Anyone know about this?

  3. Nick Lipton
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    Dear Churrboy,

    You obviously haven’t been a Yobeat fan that long. Also, yes, Joe is filming the two-year Nike project. Although they are having big problems with it. We could write a story about it, but I’m sure you’d just have something shitty to say once it was published.

    Your best bud,

    Nick Lipton

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    @Nick Lipton.. whos not nick lipton. YOU clearly have not been a yobeat fan that long cause then you would know ive been commenting dumb shit for awhile…and everyone hates me so GET TO KNOW sucka.

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    @ChurrBoy, whoa theres some industry info you dont have the scoop on? and a couple of months isnt that long to be commenting on a site thats been around for 15 years.

    This was pretty good. not necessarily an ashbury fan but cant deny theyre doing something right.

    also the ashbury triangle circle logo is almost like the dealthy hallows symbol, coincidence?

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