The number of nut puns we could make to go along with this video from Dialogue Productions is almost overwhelming, so instead, we’ll just tell you to pull up a chair and enjoy 15 minutes of boarding from Central Canada and beyond.

Featuring: Brad Hesson, Brady Swartz, Jeffrey Robinson, Mark Goodall, Jesse Greer and Matt Bujok along with the Peanut Gang: Adam Franks, Joel Dalacker, Cole Vibert, Brady Smith and Justin Verberne

Directed/Filmed/Edited by Trevor Harris

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  1. poo
    poo says:

    from what ive seen in rejected edits, a “boobeyes” shirt didn’t belong in this video

  2. weinerhouse
    weinerhouse says:

    that was awesome dudes! sick editing, sick riding, got alot done up there where there was actually some snow…

  3. weinerhouse
    weinerhouse says:

    after watching half of this for a second time i realized that Jeff kid and that Brad kid have the most agressive elbows out afterbang steeze and now thats all I see when I watch them, gross.

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