Firing Squad: May Champions Battle

Since we quickly went back to the old format, we’re quickly at our next Champions Battle. That means four photos are facing off for the joy and glory of receiving Burton Camera pack and it’s up to you to decide which photo is worthy. How will you choose? Do you go with photo quality, gnarliest trick or just click the button of the photographer you told you to come here. Look deep inside and make the choice that’s right for you.

Winner April 24th: Robert Wilcox

Winner May 1: Tommy Larragueta

Winner May 8: Joseph Large

Winner May 15: Colter Heard

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  • Tim Horton

    So I went snowboarding for the last time this season yesterday. The season had it’s highs and it’s lows. When I’m sweating balls this summer all I’ll think about is you. See you again in 6 months.

  • Zoid

    You think you’re cool?

  • If you like boobs, vote colter heard!

  • Vote for Jerm!

  • I never got my first prize pack!

  • ghetto blaster

    i couldn’t decide so i voted Colter Heard since i like boobs..

  • kn

    pretty sure colters is a screen shot. and its the best one hahahah!!!

  • kent brockman

    how the fuck can we judge these without being able to view them bigger and with higher resolution

  • lol @ never summer

  • brock brockman

    All these photos blow goats. I have proof. And Kent Brockman, look at them with your god damn eyes you B&H reading, istock contributing, photo nerd fucktard.

  • Hailey

    Joseph Large? Isn’t he a porn star? haha All jokes aside that dudes photo kills it. No contest whatsoever

  • jj

    Where is the dude going in the first shot? You can’t tell if it’s a jump or a bomb drop? Weak.

  • RB

    LOL @ JNEPNATION! Hating on never summer while rocking made in china corporate shit!?! If you ever make it out of the midwest night riding or beyond backside 3’s, a couple of riders rock them here in Colorado. Joe’s photo kills it! Composition, lighting,and rider!

  • slut

    gonna be dissapointed if robert wilcox wins, guy cant even bone out a stalefish in the park

  • ohjoe

    I bet joe has huge balls

  • L

    Looks like it’s gaper gloves for the win. Is this a popularity contest?

  • Q$

    Good thing the wall is in focus on the last shot

  • Robert’s Mom

    Looks like Large did a good job spammin the facebook. You don’t deserve to win, your photo sucks

  • RCNS

    @robert’s mom – thanks again for last night. As for your son’s gaper photo, anyone can make a pic black and white…. it’s finding the guy with the sic gloves(entire setup is epic), a shit ton of toe hang, and a sweet mini-park that makes this photo epic….. braaaaaaah. For real though, is the rider just landing in the flats off a minijump or just a roller?

  • Robert’s Mom

    ya man, sick gloves are totally what make a photo quality, you’re right. the composition in that photo is so wack I almost shit a brick when I saw it was in first place. And no its a 20ft tabletop

  • RCNS

    so……minipark shot. and for the composition, you are correct, it’s wack. Middle of photo rider, no depth, no real contrast, weak trick, and lots of foreground to make the minjump look like the rider got some air.

  • HE$H

    get off you’re buddy’s dick fools and recognize a good photo when you see one

  • RCNS

    I voted for colter’s… and I don’t know him.

  • man stop hatin on my gloves, i got those for fuckin 10 bucks at costco.

  • jager

    #3 lighting, composition, trick, it’s all there