Milomentory: The Voice Over


Milo Malkoski is one lucky little dude. He’s not only got snowboard skills, but a dad who’s kind of a big deal at C3 distribution and who happens to be Internet friends with that guy who did the Supernatual voice over. A-man comes through once again digital gold over top of some mean moves by an 11 year old. Watch it for the stiffy joke, if nothing else.

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  1. PileS
    PileS says:

    kinda creepy to sit there and voice over lil kids snowboarding, wonder how “a-man” gets all that footage?

  2. Johan
    Johan says:

    I edited the whole thing then sent him a link and asked him for a voice over. He’s always had his two cents on the vids I make, so I figured, why not. Thanks Alex.

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