Summer Relief 2012 Vol 1

Let’s face facts, it’s not snowing anytime soon and most of you won’t be snowboarding for months. Now for the bright side, it’s Summer and you’re free to do as you please. Unfortunately, we know how easily boredom creeps into the internet generation, so as your best friends on Earth, we’ve come up with a handy weekly guide to keep you less bored, more entertained and not so hung up on the lack of snow. Because seriously, it’s Summer and it’s time to have some fun.

Instafix: Bored? Of course you are, you’re already on the internet. Anyway, here’s your weekly instafix for boredom– How do you play? Easy, explode Kanye West’s head while bits of “Paris” repeat themselves. Lose, and Hova steps in to let you know you suck. Super simple, super addicting, super great time killer. Enjoy it at, and don’t forget to do something productive today.

Quick Relief: Sound of My Voice

Movies are the best relief from potential Summer meltdown. This week we recommend you see Sound of My Voice. It’s got creepy cults, sci-fi elements, hot chicks and probably some sweet violence. Plus, it’s all about investigative journalism (aka spying) and will inspire you to create an intrusive blog that will make you famous one day. As a bonus, check out the first 12 minutes of the movie on their site:

Day Trip: K-Holes HZR 084

Once upon a time people actually went to music stores to buy albums, tapes and CDs. Actually owning the music in your computer is an awesome feeling and girls think you’re cool when you have a stack of music to look through. So, head to a record store and start searching for the K-Holes. It’s the Black Lips with a little more rock and a lot less fame. Seeing as you’ll be cutting your edit all Summer anyway, it won’t hurt to have some fresh music to go along with it. Check out the band’s site HERE or HERE.

Summer Project: Falling Whistles 

Want to feel good about yourself and have something to talk about all Summer? Then take up a cause that may or may not do anything for anyone. After that Kony 2012 guy decided to beat his meat in public I think his cause got pushed to the side, but; Falling Whistles helps save kids  (younger than you) who would normally just get their faces blown to shit or their heads cut off in the Congo. The site has some really cool content, a hopefully great charity, sweet whistles and a cause for you to get behind. Check it out because it’s awesome, do something if you want to. Falling Whistles.

Get off your Ass: COMUNE’S Run to the River

Sad about the lack of snow? Bored of your local area? Tired of the people, places and things you’re stuck interacting with? Then pick your shit up and head for the horizon. COMUNE’S crew, friends and hot lady counterparts did just that a few weekends ago. They’ve got some great content about it on their site, and the above video to inspire you. The end of the Earth is the limit, and whether you just want to find a riverside rope swing or make it to Mt. Hood, it’s Summer and  you can.

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  1. Le Grand Fromage
    Le Grand Fromage says:

    jesus you guys got it right wrong summer is about relentless masturbation and wishing you were snowboarding..or actually snowboarding if you have rich parents who’ll send you to hood

    jah bless

  2. vishnu
    vishnu says:

    Nick Lipton, you are horrible. You should end it all you winy little pretentious hipster faggot. So many want you dead. Ill put flip flops on your dead body.

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