Spring Boarding at Keystone and Breck


Now here’s a feel good spring edit from Colorado with some perfectly good boarding. Too bad every shot is ramped, we ALMOST had to reject it. But instead, we decided to post it up as a sort of public service announcement. The over use of ramping must stop! It’s ruining perfectly good snowboarding and we don’t need that extra few seconds to count the rotations in you 180 on or see just how pressed that shit was! Phew. We feel much better now.

Featuring: Kyle Hay, Max Squigley, Frank Dank, Danny Buller, Henry Tellini, Bret Griesemer, Doug Plomer and Stevie Meskill doing some boarding.

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  1. shon whyte
    shon whyte says:

    That kid with the snowskate in the lift line is the biggest claimer to ever step foot on snow. He told me he can do threes in Park Lane on that stupid snow skate but everytime I see him he is eating shit just cruising.

  2. fuck you
    fuck you says:

    punk ass bitches best not step one got dam foot in summit county cuz we got a certified killer out chea y’heard?

  3. @shon whyte
    @shon whyte says:

    snowskate guy claims front three christ airs on keystones big line too, but if you call him out on claiming that dood will straight murk your ass certa’s not sane

  4. jerm
    jerm says:

    this edit is obnoxious. your tricks were extremely average. people would have probably liked it if you just put the clips in the time line and added some music. but you had to go and put your dick tickling fingers into after effects and now it blows.

  5. ChurrBoy
    ChurrBoy says:

    eeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrppppppppp…. and only like 10 of the shots were actually speed ramped everything else is slow mo. Yobeat ur such a bunch of amateurs. Keep posting over edited euro dumbstep edits PLEASE!

  6. GangBang
    GangBang says:

    How to be a sucessful videographer-
    1) High frame count HD camcorder
    2) Final Cut (so you can use slow motion on everything)
    3) Talent isn’t required
    These rules stay true for any videographer now days. Snow, skate, National Geographic, anything

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