Next Level Mini Shred


The other night I watched No Reservations in Finland, and gotta say they made it look pretty damn depressing there. So it warms my heart a little bit to see some Finns out having a good time like this. Mini shred for life!

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  1. ChurrBoy
    ChurrBoy says:

    @ dlowk and Grandi!- This is america, speak fucking english. This edit was Terrible. This site better get it back to together soon or im out, strictly going to HAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. bDr
    bDr says:

    nah, people giving a shit about what people wear is the worst thing that happened to snowboarding…

  3. Crusty old jizz socks
    Crusty old jizz socks says:

    This place looks like so much fun to ride! And Jerm, quit hating on Strap’d up,a good dude runs it and plus they offer cash prices for there contests, not just a banshee bungee every once in a bluemoon and a fucking smeedium yobeat shirt

  4. poop dung poops
    poop dung poops says:

    pretty gay, twixtor makes me want to barf, but the natty tranny at that place looks sick

  5. remos
    remos says:

    so wait, these guys essentially had a private hill to themselves, with a park and a pipe, and a sled tow up the hill, and they were riding kids boards? grab a fucking shovel.

  6. t nut
    t nut says:

    haha that board with the graphic of the brain being forked was the first board i ever rode. it was a rental at the local hill. This was a sweet edit, bringin back some good memories, lotsa good times being had, don’t understand how anyone could hate.

  7. ChurrBoy
    ChurrBoy says:

    You really think i would go to strapd up? shit is wack. Snowboardermag, Methodmag, and VG.

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