Sorry for Partying with WFTC 2 & Jon Stark

Men grow facial hair because we get bored of shaving and giving a fuck. 

About a week ago Jon Stark, the man behind Work for the City made plans to visit Chicago, and me. Somehow, even after this message was made clear to Yobeat, we sorta blew it. Luckily, we ran into Jon on the street, shared hard laughs and made plans to catch up, talk about whatever he’s doing and grab a normal amount of drinks later. Unfortunately, all we really managed to do was meet up, grab too many drinks, bitch about snowboarding, how we’re getting older and how kids today kind of suck.

A sleeping Jon Stark has let out two super loud farts during the creation of this trashy article. 

Jon rolled into town with a fresh buzz. Apparently Jonas Michilot gave it to him, and he’s pumped about it (let him know how you feel below). Anyway, we got right into the important stuff. How’s WFTC going, what bar has the best beer+shot deal, and why Jon feels, “If something doesn’t change in snowboarding, we’re just going to have a generation of Ryan Paul’s.” Which I thought was the funniest comment of the year.

Sneak peak at WFTC2. 

Thankfully my camera phone sort of ruin his phone’s image, because that’s top secret WFTC 2 footage. (Spoiler Alert: There are two clips of Kyle Fischer eating shit, on the same rail, that Eric Fernandez crushed years ago.) Working for the City 2 is shaping up nicely though. The boys managed to crush the midwest this year, and put a ton of footage together even though it snowed a whopping two inches globally this winter. Oh  yeah, Kent Leng was with us, but he had to go home at some point. Something about school and not understanding that Thursday is basically the weekend.

Pigeon food, bum food, thing to avoid while walking. Puke happens. 

We had just left bar number one when Jon Stark puked his guts out. It was a clean and quick puke. Efficient, with fair warning and good placement. Prior to his dinner’s departure he looked mildly shaky, and possibly made a comment about turning in. But, we had promised to party, and I didn’t have enough pictures yet, so I convinced him to give the next bar a run for it’s money. He felt fantastic after his puke. I’m paraphrasing here, and kind of reaching toward empty, booze-laden memories but I believe he ate a lot of seafood that night.

New shoes no more…

Jon has spent countless dollars, and put his life on hold to create Working for the City. It’s a dedication that comes from a love and respect of snowboarding, the culture and the people in it. Unfortunately, his first video didn’t break the blockbuster charts like The Avengers, and his second was not exactly cheap to make. All of this leads up to him waiting in Chicago all day for a box from RVCA, so he could wear jeans, his new and only pair. This is funny because they, and his brand new Koston’s are covered in puke blotches.

Not sure why the dude went for it, he for sure wasn’t asked to…

Post puke and feeling great we ventured into the next bar. Here things got a little odd, and I figured out that if kids were willing to pay .99 cents for snowboard movies we might be able to A) support the little guys b) grow and nurture talent as a community and C) force the video companies with money to stop making the same tired shit year after year. Just something to think about. That, and man boobs.

Girls just want to be on MTV.

There were girls and tattoos and other nice things in this bar. Fun fact though, what Jon Stark hates more than anything else are guys who wear backpacks into the bar. I’m sure there are exceptions tot his rule, but in common practice, if you wear a backpack into the bar, Jon Stark hopes you get hit by a bus on your way home. Preferably on your stupid bike.

“Dude, that guy brought fucking Bugles into the bar. That’s fucking weird. ” – Jon Stark

“He’s got a permanent sharpie tattoo, I think he has bigger problems.” – Nick Lipton

Jon thinks this girls hair (green, orange, red, large in the back and adorned by a large fake flower) would take two hours to put together. I thought 15 minutes max. Either way, all I can look at is the girl’s eye in the corner. We were drunk at by this point. Snowboarding conversation had taken a backseat to awkward life commentary and at this point I was fully convinced I would be riding at Raging Buffalo next season. (Who’s helping me get there?)

I can hear snickering when I look at this photo. 

I feel like our intern would make this weird hip-hop pose, too. Ironically, I think Jon is just wiping puke from his beard as he tries to talk to the beer guzzling beauty, but our intern would do it because A) He’s got a hot girlfriend and wouldn’t want her freaking out over a pic like this (girls do that) B) He’s a legendary Burlington rapper and C) He’s naturally lanky and I don’t think he can help it. Check out Intern’s new comic book column HERE!

Tamale man showed up. I don’t get how these dudes are allowed to just float in and out of all types of establishments selling their rolled up ass-blast medication. Must have something to do with not giving a fuck about Gringo law.

My camera probably started to get annoying as I got drunk. As 4AM began to loom overhead Jon felt inspired though, “Dude, wait, check this out, ‘Midwest’.” Too bad for Jon, he sorta blew it and his hands spell West Mid at best, and West Mid plus Thumbs at worst.

This sort of shit gets liked on Instagram and Facebook so we thought a little guerilla marketing might help Jon out. I mean, all zero snowboarders in this Chicago hipster hangout will Google Working for the City 2 Karl, right?

Eventually we got back to my place. Jon’s brother lives somewhere in town but that dude had been gone for hours. So, sorry for partying, but Working for the City came to town, we went out, we got drunk and you all you found out was making snowboarding movies costs a shit ton of money, Energy Drinks run snowboarding now, Kent Leng is good at snowboarding, Jon Stark sucks at not puking and Working for the City 2 is going to be awesome. Kyle Fischer’s ass-tastic slam session is worth the wait alone.



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  1. ChurrBoy
    ChurrBoy says:

    The “Old” Jon Stark is the Truth. The “New” and way to cool Jon Stark is a faggot.

  2. brewster
    brewster says:

    “If something doesn’t change in snowboarding, we’re just going to have a generation of Ryan Paul’s.”

    ding ding ding we have a winner! jon stark hit it on the head with that one

  3. free burberry
    free burberry says:

    What’s wrong with Ryan Paul (aside from attaching an apostrophe to his name when only an “s” was necessitated to indicate plurality)?

  4. theslu
    theslu says:

    this was so dumb. lipton is an idiot and should not have a job that has anything to do with snowboarding.

  5. Jerm
    Jerm says:

    Sounds like two ugly dudes went out to the bar and bitched about how they’re not very good at anything and it’s not their fault

  6. larry
    larry says:

    suuure they might be “in it for the right reasons” but this is dumb…..this is an average night for me and probaly most people. why do you have too write a story about it

  7. fuckyou
    fuckyou says:

    yeah really though… he put his life on hold?? snowboarding and filming is life. wtf get a fuckin job if you think your going seems like everyone else got i figured out. faggot

  8. hmmm
    hmmm says:

    Taking a loan out to buy cameras in hopes of making snowboardings next big movie only to end up broke would make me pretty bitter. But then again, who takes out a loan to buy an HVX thinking he’ll pay it back with snowboarding?

  9. Yukon Jack
    Yukon Jack says:

    This is weird. This isn’t snowboarding to me. this site is cool, it has some cool content… bad vibes though.

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