Firing Squad: Joseph Large vs Tyler Orton

We’re back to our regularly scheduled Firing Squads, and while the comments may not be as colorful, we’re doing our best to scrounge up decent eye candy for your viewing pleasure. That said, if you have a banger shot just hanging out on your harddrive, send it on it! We might even get into some skateboard battles soon. For now though, it’s some nighttime jib action so you decide who lit up the presses better and vote!

Photo 1 by Joseph Large

Photo 2 by Tyler Orton

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18 replies
  1. Sam
    Sam says:

    The first one. It’s composed pretty nicely. It could just be my bad eyes, but I feel like the rider could have been a little more in focus/more deliberately lit – he’s kind of fading out up there all by himself. And what is that thing at the very top of the photo?

  2. theNW
    theNW says:

    Has to go to the Orton & Norman combo . . . sick shot & switch back nose . . . . yee

  3. yobeatmymeat
    yobeatmymeat says:

    diggin’ both of them, second one catches my eye a little more though, not sure why. that being said, the flashes in photo in both of them (or lights, either way) kinda ruins it…the lens flare isn’t working for me in either of them, especially in the second because its right on the takeoff….both shots are dope otherwise, though

  4. yo!
    yo! says:

    yobeat should do more decent exposure interviews with photogs like they use to. just sayin.

  5. norwegiangiant
    norwegiangiant says:

    Photo #1 no contest. Great composition, great lighting, great angle, etc. Much more captivating than than Photo #2.

    P.S. Your vote should not be based on what kind of gear the rider is using.

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