Vermont’s Faux Storm


It may not have been an amazing winter in Vermont, but these guys seemed to make due (this is just the park and b footy which means, there’s more!)

Riders: Shaun Murphy, Brian Skorupski, Ian Keay, Zack Wilmot, Levi Gunzburg, Timmy Sullivan and Jordan Parks.
Edit: Jeff Marr

  • Dough

    coolbeans man

  • nigjim

    snort dirt

  • Im from New York

    diggin the VHS 90s skate footy look

  • goose

    we get it, you guys drink beer, totally badass.

    footage was good though

  • wood rails are gnarly

  • holy handplant. this was fuckin awesome. pat bridges would be proud.

  • Glad to see the beer is aplenty
    Keep killin it

  • -bob duato-

    that 7 nosetap was the filthton

  • freak that bitch out den tone

  • get ready kids….for the VHS edit invasion that is to come in 2013. these fucking things are popping up everywhere.

  • mdot

    so sick

  • jah

    The dude who filmed this must have gone to art school.

  • !

    shaun murphy killin it as usual

  • mo jazz for prez

    fukin enjoyed that


    @upstatemike. where else have you seen vhs style edits? i want to see them

  • hmmmmm

  • murph and levi….so sick

  • Keith Stone

    but seriously that brian kid seriously looks like……a GIRL

  • taylor

    hey goose, you sound like quite the pussy.

  • jeremiahjohnson



    Keith stone i bet you ski

  • Keith Stone

    @thorn you’re probably brian

  • @ mo jazz….really? they’re everywhere. especially in skateboarding.