Hump Day with Laurent Nicolas Paquin’s Beard


Look intently into the beard… photo Mike Paddock/Rome SDS

So here’s Larry. At first glance he seams to be a regular guy with a very serious beard. As it stares straight at you, don’t look past the beard, look into it. As you stare, ask yourself, what’s he hiding in there. Or maybe you’re the type of person to make a stereotype “oh here’s another butt rocker, lost in the new age trying to scum the loose change out of my pocket” Shame on you. This man Laurent is a well rounded man with a lot behind the beard. Always looking for the good in life and bring his own to the table. One this is for sure and that is Laurent is here to stay, and here to slay. Most men and some woman can grow a beard, but it’s all the things behind it that make him an Instaman. -General Gerald Lee, The SDS Camber Cady.

Enzo: Where are you right now?

Larry: Home, in Canada!

Enzo: How long has it been since you were last interviewed by Yobeat?

Larry: I don’t remember, don’t even think I was ever.

Enzo: Do you even know what Yobeat is?

Larry: Some sort of internet site that makes fun of snowboarding right!

Enzo: Yep, some sort of internet site. So how did you get involved in House of 1817? What’s it like filming with that group of boys?

Larry: It’s like a gang. I had to bite the head of a bat and drink the blood of a goat. Some Spooky shit. Haha na, just asked and they where down, I feel like MN is like Quebec, people there are awesome so I’m down to promote the House Of 1817

Pipe jockin’. Photo Ron Faverty/Rome SDS

Enzo: Are you going to be filming with VideoGrass again this season?

Larry: Yep, pretty much done for now. Season was kinda crazy, not much snow. Lots in Quebec, but filming here is hard since I only skated all summer and should’ve scoped spots.

Enzo: What was it like filming for a two-year video (Rome’s The Shred Remains)? Do you feel snowboarding is accepting to projects that last longer than a year?

Larry: The Rome flick wasn’t quite two years. It was like one and half. It’s pretty much the same, just more time, I guess. Not so stressful if you get hurt.

Enzo: What’s it like riding for Rome? How does it feel to have your own pro model gear coming out? Beer cozies are cool.Did you have any input into the final design of the product?

Larry: I’ve always ridden for those fools and it’s awesome. Such a small company, I go there once in while and I can just talk to everybody. It’s crazy to have your name… well initials on products. It was easy working with the boys at Rome, I had a pretty big input yes.

Enzo: Are you legal to live/work in the USA yet?

Larry: I have what’s called a P1 which is a athlete visa. So yeah I’m good to go and snowboard as a work in the US..I would still need the green card if I wanted to live there though.

It’s a sign! Photo: Mike Paddock/Rome SDS

Enzo: Jerry Seinfield or Jerry Springer?

Larry: Prob Seinfield. Springer kinda sucks.

Enzo: What was the weirdest thing you have had to wipe your ass with?

Larry: Probably a snowball, I try to keep that zone clean, shit get rachy and it sucks..I have a pretty hairy butt, so I keep some baby wipes at all time.

Enzo: Will your body ever do a cork spin, two, maybe three times?

Larry: I can cork once I think. I use to do cork bs 5. Ask Ben Bilocq!

Prepping for Cinco de Mayo. Photo: Lance Hakker

Enzo: Do you consider snowboarding a sport? People are already wearing jerseys and are on teams.

Larry: Hmm! I don’t know. Maybe, people compete and all. I think what I do and my friends do isn’t a sport. Definitely a passion

Enzo: Who is the toughest French kid on a board?

Larry: Louif is hard to beat. He’s a beast. Saw him taking some pretty harsh slams. Frank the Tank April is a big guy he can take some slams too. Phil Jacques is also a pretty tough guy.

Enzo: Do you think you will ever live anywhere other than the Historical lands of French Canada?

Larry: Not sure, I like it here. Probably gonna stay here.

Larry rocking a next level Canadian tux. photo: Mike Paddock/Rome SDS

Enzo: How did you go about getting on with the Rome crew?

Larry: I got the TWS issue with the new brands back in 2001. And Rome was in there with their address. I sent a sponsor me dvd and they were down.

Enzo: So you’re living proof that sponsor me tapes work. Kind of… What was the best part about The Shred Remains tour? Van Life or sleeping next to Lazz every night?

Larry: It was crazy. So much shit I can’t tell cause it’s pretty crazy. Definitely a lot of drinking. I won $100 for not puking the entire tour. Three weeks of drinking every night no puke.

Enzo: So, is Larry going to be riding any powder this season or just stick to rail spots with an urban backdrop?

Larry: Probably rails. I think people want to see me do rails, not tiny backcountry shit. I love powder, I just think it’s hard to film since the level is so high nowadays.

Enzo: Where are some places that snowboarding has taken you that you would never want to go to again?

Larry: I don’t think I have any…seems like there is good in everywhere you know. Even the shittiest place can have some good in it.

Photo: Mike Paddock/Rome SDS

Enzo: What’s the most expensive thing you have ever bought?

Larry: Probably my truck. I’d say it was a good dent in my account, haha.

Enzo: Do you ever think you’ll make enough money from snowboarding?

Larry: Na, never though about that. Always just thought how cool it was that I could travel and shit you know. I don’t have million dollars company sponsors either. All small and sick company that I back, no energy drink bullshit. I’ve always said that I haven’t started snowboarding to become a millionaire.

Enzo: Plans for after that board of yours stops paying the bills?

Larry: Maybe work in a garage, mechanic. Go to mechanic school maybe. I’d like to play with motors and shit.

Enzo: What beer would you want to sponsor you? You know they started doing that.

Larry: I don’t think it would be a good thing. I’m down for some free casses though. Moosehead maybe. Or good shit like Alaskan IPA.

Enzo: Herd any good jokes lately?

Larry: French ones, you wouldn’t get it. haha

Enzo: Shouts?

Larry: Everybody at Rome, Mikey and averybody at Holden, Hakker bros and Nima at Ashbury, Dan and Alex at Elm, Ryan at Stance, Everybody at the Empire shop, My friend Greg and Pierre-Nic and Plenty Clothing, Darrel at HOWL, We Drink Water, House of 1817, VG, All my friends, my Family and you Enzo ahah! Sorry if I forgot anyone!

Enzo: What’s your favorite way to say “Goodbye”?

Larry: “Landies and Gentlemen, the evening is over! we hope you all enjoyed yourselves and we will see you all again in 1974! GOOD EVENING! ” -Almost Famous hahah!

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