Holden is Moving to LA

So stop calling them hipsters, huh? They’re highly sophisticated fashionistas now.

Holden Outerwear announces the company’s relocation to Los Angeles, CA —Scheduled to open in early July 2012, the move represents a significant commitment to the brand’s long-term strategy of extending Holden from Summit to Sea with a four-season offering.

Known in the industry as a market leader for apparel with progressive aesthetics, timeless quality and eco-friendlier options, Holden’s four-season offerings will debut in Spring 2014.

Holden was conceived with a singular goal: To make the most functional and fashionable apparel possible, allowing consumers to be healthy and happy in their pursuit of a life well led. CEO Ben Pruess said, “Holden represents a set of products, values and ideas not fixed by a location. We are a reflection of the global community that inspires us. This move is part of our quest to extend our product offering, allowing more people to enjoy what we make.”

Rooted in mountain culture, Holden’s commitment to snow sports and its Northwest heritage will remain intact and continue to be an intrinsic part of the Holden ethos. Winter products will still be conceived, tested, and designed in the conditions they are built for by Holden’s talented group of team riders, including Scotty Wittlake and Darrell Mathes, and its passionate employees, including co-founders Scott Zergebel (creative director) and Mikey LeBlanc (marketing director). “Having spent the past ten years in Portland making the best snow products, this move is an exciting way to extend the Holden experience outside of our focus on the winter lifestyle and into year-round goods. LA is going to be about new energy, new products and new friendships.” says Holden co-founder Mikey LeBlanc.

Holden’s new address will be:
1300 Factory Place, Suite 305
Los Angeles, CA 90013

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  1. Steven G.
    Steven G. says:

    What really happened — They wanted to design boardshorts and Portland kicked them out.

  2. Portland
    Portland says:

    Not really enough smog here is guess. The new Prius’s that all just bought will do much better in the LA smog.

  3. Makes Sense to Me
    Makes Sense to Me says:

    Good on ya’s! As a proud resident of the PNW… this place is dead anyways! Get it while the getting is good… and the weather and babes in LA are goooooooood. Holden remains Holden no matter where they decide to call home. We’re all just jealous we can’t do the same.

  4. Mikey likes it
    Mikey likes it says:

    Does anyone have respect for Mikey Leblanc? I do! Portlanders that are talkin shit go buy Bonfire.

  5. Snofro
    Snofro says:

    Does holden even know who they are anymore? Seem like they are losing in the snow market so how are they going to make it in the summer markets? Good luck, I wish them well

  6. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    LA just seems to be the exact opposite of what Holden is all about. Doesn’t seem like a very inspirational place for a brand that always been based on setting it’s own trends, being eco-friendly and down to earth, and loving nature.

  7. seaward
    seaward says:

    seems like they are wanting to get out of snowboarding. Its a bummer ive been a fan of holden since day one, they went in the right direction, but it scares me that they seem to care less and less about snowboarding. Only holding on to a couple of team riders, who actually still ride “professionally” like LNP and Mathes. They have always made their own prints, which is something that seems extremely PDX and not LA. Im sad to see them go this direction.

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