Firing Squad: Tommy Larragueta vs Brad Torchia

So about this best comment business. We think you’re missing the point. Once upon a time the Firing Squad was a magical place where people offered witty and insightful critiques of the photos and a good time was had by all. But we don’t want to seem like liars, so Yoyougotfruit wins for know his audience and posting this adorable cat photo. Now down to business, this week we’ve selected two photos that featuring tweaking in both the actual snowboarding, and the post processing. It’s up to you to decide which is more worthy of your vote.

Photo 1 by Tommy Larragueta

Photo 2 by Brad Torchia

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  • colin


  • barry

    yes I got bgp’s!

  • Meh

    First one is too over exposed for my liking. I do like the tweak more though.

  • yoyougotfruit

    Everyone loves cat photos.

  • bricksquad

    hahaha you gave up on the gay new firing squad format already?

  • werd

    first one is not over exposed. solid lighting and that sky is dope as fuck

  • yo

    there ight

  • bitches, blunts, 40s and stunts

  • Sam

    It’s been pure hate for so long I don’t even remember how to not hate anymore….

    But I guess I’ll pick photo one. I can tell what’s going on there. A little better handling of the contrast would have been nice. It’s easy to see that the rider and his trick are the subject, but snow is so washed out I’m not sure where this dude is going. And it kind of hurts my eyes after a while.

    The second one is OK, but that mound of snow kills it. Plus, I don’t like the grab. I’m not sure if that mound of snow is just a mound or if it’s part of the jump. Either way, it distracts the crap out of me and I hate it.