The Northwest’s Never Ending Winter


Those jerks in the Northwest aren’t even a little bit scared to rub it in: there’s tons of snow and it’s still sick out here.

First, some action from our Tranny Finding friends up at Stevens Pass.

And then, it’s another party at Timberline!

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  1. just some random fucktard
    just some random fucktard says:

    I’ve been observing stances alot lately and it seems like a shit ton of dudes are going with 12 -12 degrees.

  2. jdawg
    jdawg says:

    mountain high owns stevens pass so now all the hood nukkas from seattle and la can destroy stevens pass FOO

  3. nick
    nick says:

    i dont know what you’re talking about yobeat. winter is and has been over for weeks here in the cascades….so dont come here anybody.

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