Todd Kirby’s Big Sky Tour


Todd Kirby clearly knows every bump and line at Big Sky. Take a couple runs and see what you’re missing in the middle of Montucky.


  • ButchCassidy


  • im into it

  • hell ya !!

  • Bone Saw

    Weak, try driving a mini dirt bike or riding a rainbow box switch.

  • Eric

    Always enjoy watching moosemansion edits. Todd kills it.

  • It’s all about the natural features.

  • Montukey

    Montana is the most underrated state in the US of A

  • Alfonso

    Out the blue! that was awesome


  • reject

    why isn’t the camera shaky?

  • hmmm

    didn’t think it was possible for anyone to make ride snowboards look.. well rideable and fun

  • Nope

    Who knew you could film “every bump and line at Big Sky” in a two minute park edit? You guys rule!!

  • coulda edited to that incredible song a little better..

  • bDr

    That guy has some clean fuckin style

  • Dough

    mad chill edit doe i cant wait to make it out west

  • mdot

    dannnggg…he can board

  • taylor

    yep, that was awesome.

  • jojive

    such a ill line so fun to watch

  • Barry Wyatt

    Cute… the fuck is a moose mansion though?

  • eg
  • b dog

    moose mansion is the shit

  • #skierdad

    tripods with 3s out are gonna be allll over this website next winter. no joke.