Hypermountain Invades Cali


Just a buncha Euros, living the California dream.

Riders: Erik Botner, fredrik Evensen, Henrik Mikkelsgård, Eirik Nesse, Knut Eliassen, Sebastian Krohn, Tom Erik Ryen

Film/edit: Kasper Häggström


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  1. Hansi
    Hansi says:

    Almost stopped watching after all these lifestyle shots, the bad music and seeing that Element Cruiser. But I guess the riding was kinda ok…

  2. frank
    frank says:

    Goddamn amurican critics…. These dudes are talented snowboarders. Check out their other edits

  3. Ow man
    Ow man says:

    I agree with Frank, when riders are not coming from north america, you guys talk shit a lot without even watching the vid. Thoses guys are way better than you, and a lot of a bunch of americans. You suckers, stay on your stupid country.

  4. tb
    tb says:

    ^churrboy-you’re an assclown and everyone hates you. and i bet you’re stoked on that. also, i think the guy at 3:40 is actually retarded, so it’s not nice to pick on him.

  5. real
    real says:

    1 <3 [email protected] Man im so proud of people like you man, being so open about your homosexuality. its people like you that make the world a little gayer :). 8=D Shmoke weed. AMERICA!! FUCK YEAH we got milfs that look hotter than your guys sisters here man

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