Brighton Must be the Place #3


The season-ender you’ve been dreading, yet waiting for, all at the same time!

Featuring: Jordan Morse, Alex Cato, Jesse Gouveia, Kevin Maples, Stefan Salisbury, Andrew Aldridge, Sean Whitaker, Chris Cloud, and Erik Nielsen.

  • alex cato shreds. and to make it even better…hes down with JNEPNATION

  • that front nose same way was probably the best one ever done.

  • erika

    damn that chick at the end is tight

  • Ryan

    That was utterly enjoyable.

  • yobutt

    at first i was ready to be amazed by the ender…but he missed the rail

  • tspliffs

    so who cant three on to rails in that crew

  • chyllerthnU

    Fuck this tranny finder associated bullshit. Yobeat sucks

  • mdot

    i swear jordan morse is on his level right now.

  • Kevin Court

    at least i can backflip

  • Kevin Court

    …to backlip

  • brego

    jordan morse is on some other other shit

  • gay

    JNEPNATION, go fuck yourself. get the fuck out of here.

  • alex cato

    i have no clue what jnepnation is

  • YUH

    Ronny Roadkill boosting the pole jam back one


    what the fuck why are these videos down when i try to look at them. FUCK YOU YOBEAT I WANT MY FUCKING VIDEOS

  • Back three opp one was soooo locked. Jordan morse. god damn.

  • Did you guys see my interview!? I’m famous

  • Skilmer

    Shit’s kush

  • thedude

    hey make sure you guys still vote for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • snakeboarder

    Proper as fudge! Jordan morse got to stop spanking his board instead of grabbing it though..

  • swagrid on point.

  • C.B.

    Please like this comment and of course the video. Also dont forget to vote for us in next years nike chosen

  • M3TH


  • urpaholic

    kevin maples cut off your arms.

  • eazydoesit

    mutha fuck goons, mutha fuck stoop, mutha fuck deathrow and heres comes my left bow.

  • frontlip2fakie

    @urpaholic, cut off your head, kevin’s style is so sick

  • Hash Slinging Slasher

    Maybe Brighton is the place

  • Poon Slayer

    Magic Show

  • weed makes you kill!!! thats why jesse dont smoke none

  • Dreegis


  • seamtits

    holy chris cloud

  • sketchy youngbol

    chico brenes dvs skate more.

  • where’s all the jesse and connor hate?

    maybe they finally shut shit down

  • no, they just broke up

  • Yamos

    “Standard comment about Jesse and Connor being passionate lovers.”

  • alex cato

    kevin maples is the god damn man

  • CornWallice

    but do they make out like richie and jeremy?

  • DADswag

    erik nielson swag hound

  • urpaholic

    @frontliptofakie no its wack. he sucks

  • frontlip2fakie

    no you suck, go home and stick your fleshlight up your a$$

  • louif

    i always get really excited when people back 270 on and hope they’re not going to go same way but, they always do. ugh

  • Sw louif?

    @louif, what about at 2:42??

  • thedude

    are we watching robots snowboard?

  • the future

    hah to bad robots are fucking sick.

  • jisssy diva

    soggy 270’s, jesse. shits weak!

  • deez

    if he did boardslide-back flip-boardslide for the ender loonatics and this must be the place would have to drop the gloves

  • Bugs Bunny

    these guys are good at jumps

  • ………………..

    sw hardway back 270 to reg. god damn

  • fean sithian

    hellls yeah chris!