Volcom PB&R Jam Mammoth Results

We know you’ve been on the edge of your seat wondering who won the Volcom PB&R Jam at Mammoth on Saturday, so wait no longer! Here are the official results including the coveted “gooiest move” award.

15 and Under

1. Jack Herald
2. Garrett McKenzie
3. Benny Milam
4. Graham Haley
5. Jake Seloaer

16 and over

1. Chase Fromm
2. Jesse Ramirez
3. Cole Schneider
4. Daniel Spooner
5. Gabe Marziller


1. Emily Blewitt
2. Courtney Cox
3. Joanna Dzierzawski
4. Mariah Dugan
5. Danika Duffy


1. Shane Ruprecht
2. Colin Wilson
3. Will Ermish
4. Jesse Paul
5. Brent Mohs

Gooiest Move

Sawyer Dean -Backside Miller Flip 540

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