Bonezone 420 Games


With the lifts closing, and weed being illegal, the most serious ‘boarders returned to the Bonezone for their 420 festivities in Utah. Good times.

  • Social experiment:
    Thumbs up if you blaze, thumbs down if you don’t.

  • Detroit Lions are going to win the superbowl.

    Nothing is more annoying than people who go out of their way to make fun of stoners. It’s a fucking plant. We light it and inhale it. I understand you may find the culture, or maybe just a few stoners you know annoying… but don’t be a stuck up prick and act like your better than people who like to get stoned.

  • ble

    woah, you guys smoke weed?

  • Tom Wallisch

    im 12 and wat is this

  • Sean Whitaker Is A Bro

    Jesus comment number 2, Don’t be such a sally ass bitch. could you be any bigger of a pussy

  • the devil is in marijuana!!!! the devil i tell u!!!!!!1!!!

  • t-rev

    Snowboarding high is a lot of fun, as are many things after a good toke sesh.

  • bullshit

    get that fuckin burton tent outta the bone zone. gotta make everything advertising eh alex

  • this must be the place makes fun of weed

  • jesse gouveia doesnt smoke
    blaze kotsenburg doesnt smoke
    connor brown doesnt smoke
    and andrew aldridge is the biggest boss you’ll ever meet

  • Puff


  • with a name like blaze its a sin not top smoke

  • bs

    bullshit that blaze doesnt blaze

  • yobutt

    aaaaaahhh it dont even exist!

  • Skilmer

    “Marijuana is probably most dangerous drug in America today.”


    just take the whole thing down already


    thanks yobeat….

  • rawr

    have you ever seen the back of a dollar bill on weed

  • wait

    no one smoked at all in that edit