Strange Brew Tapes 5


Two dudes. One park. Lots of moves.

  • murdermitten

    so many bangers in follow cam format just chillin i just watched that shit 3 times u fellas are murkin niggas

  • Rick

    Woah! Keegan Valaika cloned himself!

  • ghetto blaster

    these fools straight kill it

  • tBow

    *two dudes, one park, one go pro

  • tBow

    Tree dudes.

  • burton snowboards

    2 out of the 3 ride exactly like keegan valiaka

  • James

    This makes me wanna ride Northstar. Keep’em coming!

  • Holy fuck these kids creep…AG hoody especially murdering shit 3:34…..

  • larry


  • i dont have a name

    yeah he looks alot like keegan but keegan likes better music