People’s Court: Wade Coll vs Kristopher Koll


We’ve often pit friends against friends in the People’s Court, but this is certainly a first. Literally brothers fighting brothers. These two have honed their skills at Raging Buffalo and now is the true test. You decide, who’s got the best moves.

Wade Coll


Kristopher Coll

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Mandatory Disclaimer: Battles are open to any amateur snowboarder. As long as you are not getting paid by any brand, you are eligible to compete. You may choose your size, but not style (prizes are given away based on availability.) Videos should be submitted by the rider, not the videographer or your asshole friends. But whatever.

  • Ohio Steve

    These kids rip! Don’t look at the camera when you land a trick though fools hahah

  • Skilmer

    Nah beaming is sick, doesn’t make you look like an attention starved Chad.

  • nick riviera

    is every single snowboarder a helmet wearing pussy now? and why does every snowboarder who does wear a helmet look and ride the exact same?

  • LURK

    helmets are mandatory at raging buffalo dipshit

  • nick riviera

    oh I didnt know raging buffalo had all those street spots as well. also doesnt change the fact that they have the exact same style as every other fuckin kid in the midwest. what a terrible rebuttal

  • Dough

    Maybe some people don’t want to be braindead someday. I’ve had 4 and I probly will so phukk off

  • hate all you want about them all looking and riding the same but hating on people wearing helmets is just asinine.

  • dern

    not only are they brothers but theyre twins, they both kill it. and theyre like 15

  • Josh P.

    Yeah, fuck these pussies. They probably wear seatbelts too, what a couple of idiots!

  • Sweater Puppets

    ^ the only thing that jerm has ever said that I actually agree with.

  • thedude

    jerm your still a fag

  • Coll’s Mom

    Kristopher, we’re going to have a serious talk about the message on the bottom your snowboard when you get home. I voted for your brother because he sends a much more wholesome message than you. Imagine if the boys across the street saw your snowboard and asked their mother about it, I wouldn’t hear the end of it from Sheila!

  • tro

    I moved to colorado and that might have been the worst choice ever. buncha chads here, midwest is where its at. Good to see all the kids from back home all over Yobeat and killin it.

  • MittenRider

    I voted for the second one because he used vimeo.

  • I voted for the first one cause he used the McDonald’s song

  • Rick

    Both are solid edits. These kids rip.

  • colin

    nick riveria whats wrong with helmets they protect your head which if you didn’t know is actually pretty important to your body functioning

  • fuck you

    fuck you nick riveria

  • ?

    how old are those brothers? are they twins?

  • huh

    can’t vote, evenly good! but vimeo > youtube! Smart kids, wearing helmets. How old are these fellas?

  • kzoo

    raging buffalo looks like a fun place

  • Don Perignon

    tight stance city

  • tBow

    Do a blizard flip Kris

  • Timwindells’ballsack

    youtube versus vimeo

  • cock

    anyone notice that extreme lookback at the end of the first vid

  • Cschmel

    Gotta give the vote to mama coll on this one. She’s the one that let them stay out til 2:30am every weekend there was snow to hit spots.
    Plus wadestopher coll rides too hard to pick a favorite here

  • Why?

    you have street clips but you use park footy for your ender?

  • conorschmellyballs

    these two get the ladies, i just know it

  • yobutt

    voted for wade cause kristopher had so many repeat tricks (ie backlip)

  • Regs

    If you can’t 270 to regs and yell at the camera afterwards, don’t put the shot in when your brother can do it

  • jnepnation

    kris’s ender so good. couldn’t have been any cleaner. and his styles sick too. he gets jnepnation’s vote.

  • Mi.

    You Jnepnation faggots should spend more time learning to snowboard well and less time on yobeat.

  • Lepre

    Sick style kris..i can’t see wade’s video though :(Is that propaganda rocker or camber?

  • Shrek Life…

    Brothers again each other… I won’t vote for this.

  • upstatemike.

    awww how cute, one’s regular and one’s goofy!

    i voted for Mrs. Coll, i heard she’s got a phat azz.

  • Rail dogs. Nice work.
    Two jumps in 6+ min of footy though? Raging Buffalo should change its name to Tame Cow.

  • mama coll

    there stances just look uncomfortable…

  • biuewbf

    back lip pop over in second video was unreal

  • pretty good but their stancesare to close dont their balls get squished between their legs when they ride?

  • k.

    you obviously need room for your chode

  • uhhh

    only 15 years young, keep killin it boys

  • George Coll


  • yobeatmymeat

    wade’s style was sicker but kristopher threw down

  • um

    hey cooper slack.. oh wait…