Make Friends or Die Tryin FULL MOVIE


At long last, Jake Durham has released his full movie to the masses. Enjoy.

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  1. randy mathews
    randy mathews says:

    Terra is a babe, its kinda sad, i feel like a once great thing is slowly dying due to people growing up and moving on, the MAKE movies used to be so sick now they are kind of just a long edit 🙁 I kind of feel the same as when Friends had their series finale

  2. $ex Money
    $ex Money says:

    Riding was sick but 12 minutes is too long when its all park footy that was mostly shot at one small ass place

  3. goose
    goose says:

    There’s something about hyland that makes me want to ride it so bad. Tow rope hills have the best vibes

  4. spots
    spots says:

    Sick as hell. *Barely any snow in MN this year.

    Du Lac
    Elm Creek

    … not one hill

  5. Mac
    Mac says:

    i love this shit. tow rope parks are so fun, its worth the 20+ pairs of gloves I’ve gone through growing up riding them hahah

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