This Must be the Place’s Losing Chosen Video


As soon as we saw those Germans in their neon costumes, we know it was all over for Connor Brown and the boys. But they still made a pretty entertaining video of a totally insane park, so hey, we’ll feature it! That’s gotta be worth a few of those $40,000 they didn’t win, right?

  • nathan

    that vid just made me want to snowboard. i think they should have won i mean even their filmer rips and most the pros interviewed at the nike chosen event said they liked it best. the germans seem like they won caused they dressed up like a bunch of goons

  • Sweater Puppets

    Entertaining and made me want to ride, so A+ in my book. Good job kids.

  • seamtits fuckster

    hell yeah that was sick!

  • Bugs Bunny

    I can see why they lost, pretty standard video. Feels like a B video from high cascade.

  • I wonder if Connor and Jesse shared the same hotel room…

  • azn dad

    shoulda taken jordan morse

  • jonas

    What a bunch of Rippas, eh!

  • Genovese

    This is snowboarding and what its all about… Not people dressed in neon bright gaper outfits… This is a true snowboard edit… makes me wanna shred

  • dimebigs

    too bad they are the best

  • Timwindells’ballsack

    Props for holdin it down for the US and A. This edit was dope

  • Poon slayer

    That was so sick! Fuck ya janna

  • 5 min. of fame

    Guys can’t catch a break! Good vid

  • hoodrat

    I like how jesse and connor went from gay little tranny finders that everyone hated to big shot kids that everyone loves, in the time period of about a year ! haha way to go connor
    Hood reppin

  • Proving again why Nike is garbage. These dudes kill it. Get out of snowboarding and skateboarding Nike.

  • That was a damn good edit. Looked oh so fun

  • goose

    @StLouisAlaskan I’m down with Nike, just not sure why these guys lost to a bunch of goons in 1-pieces. Guess I’ll have to watch their edit to see why…

  • tBow

    6Eleven would have ripped shit up here

  • Andrew

    Obviously someone was gonna front flip the risers…. but who the fuck knew it’d be Connor! Major filmer props right there

  • tBow

    6Eleven would have ripped shit up here,

  • brighton

    They should have won, foreigners doing double corks wearing bright colors gets a little annoying after a while. That is an example of pure fun. I wanna shred now.

  • JON

    this was hands down the best web video i have seen all year, i’m actually blown away these guys rip hard with the best style.

  • Tony Danza

    They would have won if they had just made an American Wiener naked snowboarding video too…

  • jester

    i honestly thought it was a very average edit with low cosquence way to hit the features i think there could have been alot of been edits u throw b happy crew in there or the dope crew outta whis maybe even the buckhunter outta kelowna bc blow everyone in that contest outta the water just saying

  • the man

    sick style and creativity but pretty standard brighton edit… don’t get me wrong i’d rather see this then euros doing twelves and fiving onto rails but this just was to standard for the evil empire of nike to enjoy

  • By Sole-Tech. Altamont, Es, Thirty-Two, Etnies, and Emerica. All the shit you need right there.

  • boob

    Well that was fucking sick. Probably lost because they didnt hit the nike swoosh jump or somethin

  • eS is outta business homey. but yeah, Nike’s whack like a stick and a ball.

  • karnkarn

    Two letters, AA. Back blunt prtzl was one of many beauts.

  • DADswag

    can anyone link the winning video i’m a fucking dingus and can’t find it. Thanks dad

  • bricksquad



    Even Connor can hit it, and good. Nice that someone else can hold the vid. Edit was real for a change.

  • he$h

    Jester dropped out of 5th grade

  • he$h

    Jester dropped out of 5th grade and loves weed. FUCKBOIZ 09! CONMEISTER EXPRESS GETTIN SHIT DONE

  • S. Tuor

    Win, lose, blah, blah….Who gives a f#%k! This crew is so sick! That edit was insane and I know we’ll be seeing a lot more of these dudes in the future. I do wish you guys got the 40 G’s though.

  • Wessel van Lierop (rockon)

    I’ll be honest with you here and say I like this edit better than ours. But on the other hand, I think you guys should watch our video before spreading the Euro hate.

  • Trevor Speranske

    For as much as I suck that Jesse guys dick… he want soft as fuck in this edit.


    TMBTP got robbed…

  • Lepre

    Who cares about the outfits or where they are from? Did you guys watch rockonsb’s video at least? There’s no double corks, twelves or fives onto rails… Just some very sick riding from very sick riders. I love tmbtp, they are great, but dani and wessel are just as good, go watch their edit and i’m sure you’ll feel bad for hating on those guys.

  • eS is out, you can still find it in stores all over the place. And I’m still hoping that they come to their senses and bring em back.

  • squares

    I know yobeat loves repetition, but this one was a little stale to me. Rad riding, but the edit was just tiring. Long and the same stuff happening in it.

  • ………………..

    why did they both have the same song?

  • Wessel van Lierop (rockon)

    We got a list of songs we could pick from, since Nike has to be careful with stuff like music rights, and I guess both our crews liked this one.

  • ^ those euros know how to ride snowboards!

  • Wack

    I liked the part where everyone hated them during crew clash but is totally down for them now. I mean, I still think yawgoons deserved the win, but it should’ve been these guys and yawgoons in the finals

  • spkr

    i like watching people who make snowboarding look rad, gnarly or badass if you will. I’m not saying these guys are not skilled snowboarders but they look like a bunch of girls.