Boarders Without Boarders

Feeling guilty about your carbon footprint? Want to change the world and make a difference but don’t know how to find time between boarding and bong hits? Just like to know other people are doing good so you don’t have to? Enter Boarders Without Boarders. Check the teaser and read on for more info about the project:

Boarders Without Borders is a group of shredders who have three things in common: they all love snowboarding, they all think the world could be a better place, and they all think that the snowboarding community could do at least a little to help out around the world. They’re all about doing what they can to spread awareness of social and environmental problems in our community while traveling, riding, making movies, and having fun.

Currently, BWB is working on two documentary shred flicks that will showcase their humanitarian and environmental efforts as well as the riding of Tamo Campos, Nic Heringa, Dave MacKinnon, Curtis Woodman, and Eliel Hindert. One of the movies shows how the crew converted an old diesel truck to run on veggie oil, built splitboards, and scored pow without burning fossil fuels or riding chairlifts. The other will be filmed this summer in South America, where BWB is involved in two humanitarian projects. First, the crew will build floating garden rafts in Peru. These rafts will provide food and jobs for the impoverished community of Iquitos. From Peru, BWB’s riders will head to Chile to film the shred segments of the movie, and to volunteer for an organization that provides housing in to communities in Chile.

If you’re into shredding, volunteering, splitboards, trucks, and traveling, make sure to pay attention to Boarders Without Borders. We should be seeing some very cool things from them very soon- in the meantime check out their teaser for their summer project, and their website ( to see what they’re up to, support their projects, get involved, and get some ideas about how you can be a snowboarder who makes a difference.

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    This actually sounds really awesome, it good to see people helping out and doing positive things

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