Arnette Crew Clash 2.0 FINALS: Yawgoons vs Stoop Kids


Thousands of votes, hundred of comments and plenty of Facebook spam later, it all comes down to this — the final battle in this year’s Arnette Crew Clash. The winner of this battle will receive tons of gear from Arnette, a trip for four to Mt. Bachelor in May and $1000 cold, hard cash. So who will it be? The Utah crew with tons of social support, or the crowd favorite from Rhode Island. We’ll let this one run ’til Friday at 5 PST, so watch the videos one last time and then vote for the crew that you think deserves it.

The Yawgoons

Stoop Kids

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The voting will close Friday, April 20 at 5 pm PST.

The Arnette Crew Clash is brought to you by Arnette Eyewear, in association with Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort.

  • the dude

    the yawgoons are going to kill it in oregon

  • Spam anderson

    Now that there is no cheating what will the zeach kids do?

  • yoyougotfruit


  • upstatemike.


  • Dylan P

    close battle….


    stoooop pooops on yaw’llllol

  • truth

    if you dont vote for yawgoons you are a faggot

  • Stoop kid defender

    Seriously guys, if we had the lobster traps like you had and less snow then our edit would be just as good:( can’t you guys see that?!



  • upstatemike.

    it’s true…i made the mistake of eating seafood in utah and damn near shit my pants it was so bad.

  • here’s how it is

    I enjoyed watching the yawgoons video again, but when I watched the stoop kids, I shut it down 50 seconds in. how did TMBTP loose to them?

  • Might as well just not watch any of these videos because its not lick the cat.

  • Wade Thomas

    Crawdaddy you my bitch

  • A Pear

    4 MU$KAPEAR$!!!!!

  • Stoop kid defender

    i take my last comment a idiot moron who comments on my own video and i like girthy black peens in my chocolate starfish.

  • I ride jocks like yo mama rides jeff

    The kids in utah can sit on a thumb and drink their shit beer, ill be on my knees tryin to get some lobstah and mary rand’s number

  • Dough

    Dem stoop kids are afraid to leave their stoop.

  • Stoop kid defender

    Where’s my dad?

  • alaskanthunderfuck

    its all about the dudes that snowboard after working all day, not the kids whose parents paid for them to go to some college in utah and zeeeach all day

  • Poop

    Yeah going to college is for fags

  • Poon slayer

    I ride a tow rope all day and hit lobster traps and boats 1,000,000 times untill I land it. Fuck putting in hard word and hitting street. Yawgoons!!…….?

  • turd ferguson

    @alaskanthunderfuck- yeah dude youre so right education is for dickeaters, snowboarding after working i so much more badass than snowboarding while being a fulltime student

  • Db

    Poon slayer, your an Idiot if you ever saw one of the yawgoons kids ride then youd know all those tricks were most likely landed first try. An if you wanna talk about hard work, im fairly sure their whole edit was mAde in about a week. Your mad dumb.

  • Fruit Mentos


    Education > Bullshit $7/hr Jobs

    What has snowboarding done for the success of your life lately?

  • upstatemike.

    @ poon slayer: i guess you’re right, they did in hard work in the streets. those 3 foot lips up to rails don’t build themselves ya know!

  • Poon slayer

    Duh how else do you think stoops zeach so well. It’s the 3 foot lips

  • Dis yo boi Treyvon

    Yawgoons urban was bullshit compared to stoops. Yeah, hit 6 stair downrails with a massive fisheye. And nice, you hit a 2 stair with a 3 foot rail. I don’t giev a shit about your snow argument, if you had used a normal camera and filmed that shot it would have looked fucking retarded. No doubt they have a rad edit, but these two are on different scales. And enough with the bitching about not having snow, use your snow days wisely or pick a better place to live and get off your parents money cock. SLC’s urban season wasn’t all that hot either.

  • weasel

    this contest isn’t about who had better urban trick, its about the crew and who you think has a better crew. I picked yawgoons cause they have the most creative tricks out there right now and they always make it look so fun

  • Nurple

    My vote is yawgoons because stoop kids had no creativity at all… It was a buch of 50 50s on the same 3 or 4 down rails…. Yawgoons had 1 day of snow all year and it only stayed for 2 days and thy were much more creative

  • Stoop Kids

    Yawgoons edit was definitely more creative and better, we didnt get much snow either but we had a fun season.

  • poopdix

    poopin on my dickpipe

  • tedore


  • complaining about your shitty snow year makes you sound pathetic. Everyone had shit for snow this season. You cant get in a car and drive somewhere else? There are way too many dumb ass east coast fucks on this website. Have fun at bachelor pussies

  • Yourafuckhead

    Fuck yea ri gettin put on the map finally… Yawgoons killin it as always

  • hamsquad

    the first ten tricks in stoop kids vid were early offs and zeaches. the first ten tricks in yawgoons were perefectly executed hammers. with POWER

  • butt munch

    look at the run in at :40 in stoop kids video. ahahahahahahaha what a kook!

  • Oliver

    Brooke should rename this contest the butthurt battle for next year as I can see y’all are mad.

    Both videos are fantastic and I’m pretty psyched on the result even though COA got dropped, fuck it! Stoop kids are rad, yagoons are rad, all these juggalo hater crews got dropped. That’s justice.

  • ganesha

    The elephant God has spoken…Yawwwwwwgoooons!!!!

  • @butt munch

    maybe because he was riding on frickin grass?!


    Hey shit stain! the yawgoons aren’t complaining about their snow one bit. the internet trolls are. dont get it twisted. eat shit and die.

  • ezra

    stoked to see these two crews in the finals… The comments made me laugh. y’all are real mad

  • huh

    stoop kids got 1000 votes in the first day when they battled tmbtp…i wonder why they can barely break 100 now?

  • dig

    This Clash was the best thing to happen to Yobeat. fruma

  • yeh

    jamie orkin vs yawgoons

  • gnome people

    Stoops need dan wells!!

  • pattmerson

    there needs to be a contest for the shittiest crews

  • no really

    i rewatch the yawgoons edit every time


    why do people like the yawgoons so much?! stoop is so much better. Yawgays probs go to libraries and vote on every computer….

  • Tom Wallisch

    Everybody should get out there and support the Yawgoons, true masters of style and skill.

  • Iridetroll

    I give stoop kids props for filming that whole part in the streets! but yawgoons make it look like there having fun my vote goes to yawgoons

  • Erik

    Am I the only one that hates the yawgoon edit? It’s like their park and street suck so yobeat east coast cock suckers give them the sympathy vote. Stoop kids video is just better, all around, and lanham is god

  • TMBTP’s and Mystery District’s edits were both better than Stoop Kids edit. There is no comparison between these two crews. Stop gathering the entire mormon population in Utah to vote for you. Goons for the win.

  • Oprah

    Yawgoons because they had a boat and I like boats.

  • Didn’t see any of these yawgoon fucks throw half the shit Jamie did, I ski and can still point that out. Yawgoons had some good riding but reading your comments before I watched the video ruined my day. If your mouth’s weren’t full of lobster dicks it would of been a better video. Suck white dog shit H8RZ. Stoop is whattup

  • yolo

    wait this contest is gonna end on thursday, nobodys gonna vote on friday theyre all gonna be too high -_- #420

  • bangbang

    marcus and dylan at bachelor…its gonna be murder

  • colin

    Yawgoons don’t hit street because they simply don’t have snow in were yawgoo valley is i don’t know but i know they sure as hell don’t have snow

  • jnepnation


  • Satann

    Its easy to make Snowboarding look really sick with a fisheye and ramping every shot. Stoop kids was better though. Plus, who let the female in that video??

  • Alta

    uh oh… clueless skier fags are going to bat for stoop kids. the yawgoons may have problems

  • trip

    not even a contest here

  • Drake

    Nikcy McMillen- the pride of West Linn.

  • villagepanda

    Follow @dick_lyfe on twitter and vote yawgoons

  • heynow

    i can’t wait to see a 5 minute edit of stoop kids zeaching bachelor to death

  • JTownGoon

    The goons hands down have a better video and are clearly better riders. Stoop kids must have a sore ass cause all there tricks are sketchy and old. Yawgoo is below sea level and these kids are keeping it Progressive showing stoopers out west how to utilize the snow. Yawgoons all day.

  • coffemugs

    yawgoons killed it, they deserve the win i think. they were much more creative, shredding boats and lobsterpots and doing shit i could never even think of haha. go yawgoons!

  • tills

    Not only are the yawgoons way more progressive…editing is off the chain…and everything they stick is clean as fuck….stoops shit is old..shitty editing…and most of their shit is sketchy if they even land it…this shouldnt even be a question…by the way totally watched and written while taking a dump it smells good to

  • upstatemike.


  • Mr. Orange

    Stoop kids had no creativity… It was a bunch of down rails and park laps…. And yawgoons where snowboarding on fishing equipment… Goons for the win

  • @Mr. Orange

    Park laps? There were like 3 jump shots, the goons video you literally see the rope tow moving in the background in 90% of the shots. These two edits just aren’t comparable. Stoops took the street approach because it’s fun to go out and set up a spot and film a trick, it’s rewarding. Yawgoons made a sickass park edit. End of story. Have fun in Bachelor, ‘Goons!

  • PreciousBuddy

    yagoowns in the bag! The are razzle dazzling the comp!!

  • seamus

    damn, i dont think we wouldve entered if we saw this coming, this is a bummer. we dont have a sore ass, we don’t hate the yawgoons theyre fucking rad, we’re just random ass fuckers from the midwest, the west coast and the right coast that met on move-in week at utah and tried to film a lot of street this season. thats all.

    now watch jake flood break his dick:

  • Not even gonna vote. The People like Trapstars.

  • also, you guys obviously don’t realize how much money the average moron in Alaska makes. it sure as shit aint a $7/hr job. as a matter of fact, a shitload of high school dropouts up here make more than $100,000 a year. we have a ridiculous economy based on hardwork and dealing with cold ass weather. not to mention alot of oil, gold and other natural resources chillin under our feet.

  • yawgoons

    stoop- sick edit, couldnt have done bette myself. loved the vierd kink rail in the snow, really sick
    yawgoons- great use of what you had, really craetive, the rock to boardslide and the long ass up rail was really sick

    winner- yawgoons for creativity, style, and edit. not for that stupid “no snow shit”

  • Susan Boyle

    If I do say so myself, the Yawgoons are a very fine group of young gentlemen who deserve the highest ranking in all of the province. They show a very fine taste in artistic style.

  • hater

    Did any of you people think that Yawgoons wasnt going to win from the start? when was this ever a contest

  • Yawgoons vid made me smile and watch it over again. Stoop kids made me feel like I should find a filmer and go make me a part. Not hatin, just sayin. No contest here kids. RI is the biggest little state in the union at this contest.

  • Pocket Fisherman

    CATS OF ANARCHY!!!!! But out of these two my vote is for sure Yawgoons, I never really thought you could nosepress across grass

  • Dopeninja

    I watched yawgoons video every round and every time, it gave me a boner. LICK THE CAT PUSSIES!

  • mudbone

    og that is

  • birdgang


  • wait which fisheye?

  • wait wut settings did u use?



  • Bastard

    God Dylan gamache doesn’t shut up

  • the man

    How in the hell are the yagoons winning? Are they paying people to vote for them? Its snowboard rails vs. skateboard rails… What a joke good edit both you guys but let’s be real here

  • The HighWizard

    @the man …yes they are paying people to vote for them, they have so much money they can do that. why would they even be excited to win a yobeat contest if they had enough money to go anywhere in the world. your a complete idiot.. don’t be sore because your only worthy of rejected edits and probably were a semi professional fruit booter.

  • The HighWizard

    @ the man. your right, they pay every voter in the country/world to vote for them. they have that much disposable money. why would they even bother with a contest on yobeat when they could go anywhere in the world they want. they are that caked up. your a complete idiot!. you are just sore because all you are worthy of are rejected edits… if that! and you probably grew up a semi professional fruit booter..

  • mysterydick

    to the pickle smooches trashing yawgoons…. yawgoons 5. enough said. suck a smelly cheetahs dick. gamache rips.

  • poopsac


  • jerald

    Well, I have seen ten seconds of each video and that is more than enough time to make my decision. My vote goes to the Stoop Kids because the Make A Wish Foundation can’t take all those retards to Mt. Bachelor. PSYCH, I actually voted for Yawgoons because they didn’t learn how to snowboard yesterday unlike the Stoop Kids. I would also like to salute the contributors to the comment section. This is one of the more educated and polite comment boards I have seen. The constructive criticism you give each other have warmed my heart.
    9/11 was an inside job
    Ron Paul for President
    The ‘N’ Word

  • justsayin

    a bunch of bobble head nerds 50-50ing the same rail and hitting park jumps, or some truly original shit with amazing style and a fucking rope swing to boot? tough choice.

  • veinery

    I just watched both of them again and to be honest i thought the yawgoons was filmed better and had much better editing but when i looked at what they were acually doing i thought the stoop kids had better stuff. I know they had to much on rails but still yawgoons did boxes and lobster traps

  • Joey


  • Kevin

    The “enther this sumber to voet” makes it really hart to vote drunk. Fuck off YoBeatt?!

  • auntjemima

    I have watched the Yawgoon’s edit at least 10 times by now, and it is still entertaining.

  • Rick

    Wait till the Yawgoons edit comes out from out west….Then you will get to see how hard they slay a real park and how good they really are

  • Friendly stoop

    Honestly….orkin is one of the best boarders in this competition, but obviously couldnt compete with yawgoons.

  • thank you