What’s the Difference Between Skiing and Snowboarding?

According to an article on ESPN.com, the FIS thinks it’s absolutely nothing! In an effort to cut costs, they’ve proposed using the same judges for skiing and snowboarding at the Sochi games. We busted the Yobeat budget to score a time machine and travel to 2014 to overhear the ACTUAL judging at the games:

“Hey Bob, what was that grab he just did there?”

“Who cares Jim, just judge him on height and spin number.”

“Hey Bob, is the tomato up yet? i’m just gunna give him 100.”

“Look, Chuck, you can’t do that until his last run.”

And that was for slopestyle! But seriously, get outraged dudes. Go read the whole article here.

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  1. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:


    if people don’t boycott for this, then snowboarding is officially just something fat kids do for fun because they saw it on NBC.

  2. jerm
    jerm says:

    Maybe all this bullshit about the olympics will be good for the core of snowboarding. it will let the competition/media part of snowboarding blow up and get tons of money into snowboarding that can be used for under ground people to go in the other direction and do things that the rest of us really want to see. we might just have to be ok with our relatives and the general public think we all ride halfpipe.

  3. lullzz
    lullzz says:

    jerm has a really good point here, there is a side to snowboarding that can not be saved anymore, so just let them be and do your own thing

  4. a
    a says:

    and I’d say even talmbout this shit is stupid but look at those disembodied judge arms! More genius from the Flavel Arts District.

  5. Le Grand Fromage
    Le Grand Fromage says:

    Hell if it brings money into the sport it’s not a bad thing, but the issue is that the FIS can’t control the snowboard side anymore. WE need complete control over the progression of our sport.

  6. llama
    llama says:

    How are people still surprised when the olympics fuck snowboarders. Who cares. No matter what happens we get screwed and thats how its always been.

  7. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    Jerm, people said the same thing 15 years ago when outside companies started sponsoring snowboarders. Sure, it injects more money into snowboarding, but that doesnt “trickle down” to the kids out there that are in it for the right reasons. It just increases the amount of shitheads that are in for the wrong reasons…such as kids having coaches and having their moms sitting at the bottom of some shitty halfpipe yelling at them to make it into the olympics.

    actually, Jerm, why dont you be a judge??? it’s perfect for you, as you are a skier/snowboarder.

  8. jerm
    jerm says:

    @upstatemike, you read my mind. already trying to apply.

    I have to ask though, who decides what “the right reasons” are? might be playing devils advocate but if some kid wants to win halfpipe competitions and have someone help him do that whos to say thats wrong. As long as someones having fun I say let em go. Just dont try and make other people care about what youre doing.

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